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Riverwalk Restaurant ~ Blairsville GA

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We were headed down US Highway 129,out of Blairsville cruising toward Brasstown Bald, Track Rock, and Helton Falls, when we saw the sign that took us on a whole new adventure! "FUDGE" screamed the sign as we barreled past! Wait! Stop! We can't possibly pass by homemade FUDGE! History was temporarily forgotten while we pursued fudge!

When we got out of the car, the most amazing scent of barbeque permeated the air! Taking our eyes off the Fudge sign, we looked to the left and there was the Riverwalk Restaurant. Scanning the horizon at the other shops, we immediately determined that that was indeed where that incredible aroma was coming from!

Unfortunately, it was just after breakfast, and we were not hungry yet! Nevertheless, I ran over to the Riverwalk Restaurant and peeked inside, grabbing a menu. Much to my delight, I realized that it was right on the river! All the tables by the back window had a view of the river.

We came back a few hours later, starved after hiking to the falls and around Brasstown Bald. Driving up, the air still had the sweetness of BBQ wafting through it, and we tromped up to the Riverwalk Restaurant.




Our table was by the window, looking at to the swirling, clear beautiful river below. It was truly an extraordinary view, peaceful and serene. This is our view!

Does this BBQ Beef Plate look good?

Dave ordered the BBQ Beef Plate, with choice of 2 sides, he chose corn fritters and fried okra, and Texas toast. At $9.99, it was a good amount of food, but the beef was a little non-descript and was nowhere near as good as the smell we had anticipated all day!The two BBQ sauces were not thrilling, good, but not overly extraordinary.

Lisa ordered the BBQ Pulled Pork Plate, with sweet potato stix and a sweet potato also for $9.99. The waitress mentioned it would be sweet, but it sounded good so I ordered it. Definitely too much sugar, especially with the BBQ sauce. The pork this day was better than the beef.

We both ordered iced tea, that had that bottom of the barrel taste. Our waitress happily traded it for something else. The view was extraordinary, but we were feeling underwhelmed by the food - it was nondescript at best.

Emily had that queasy stomach going again, so opted for grilled chicken tender lunch plate, a baked potato and a salad. Homemade Ranch was excellent on the salad, but the baked potato was not cooked enough, a bit raw, and she ate it without complaining, only to feel it sit like lead for the rest of the day.

Kids Menus includes the regular standbys, cheeseburgers, chicken fingers, grilled cheese, sloppy joes, and pork sandwich with French fries, applesauce and a small drink.

All in all, we loved the peaceful view, enjoyed watching the slow, clear, meander of the river, but were truly disappointed in the food at the Riverwalk Restaurant. The actual dinner we ate was a far cry from the sumptuous smells emanating as we first got out of the car. I wonder if they were just having an off afternoon? We left as a thunderstorm opened up on Pappy's Riverwalk.

Be sure and stop for awhile at this roadside venue, get the fudge or kettle corn, they are both GREAT ~ we highly recommend them! It will be a kick for the kids and transport you back to when you were a kid!!

If you do decide to give Riverwalk Restaurant a try, we hope they do better than the day we visited! It is really painful for us to write a bad review, especially with such a great view, but we cannot tell a lie! Either way, tell them that the traveling historians with Living History Sites sent you!

Riverwalk Restaurant

Owners: Mark, Violetta, Kathy, & Dale Godwin
Located at: Hwy 129 South (Pappy's Flea Market)
706- 745-9885 Take out and Dine In
Hours of Operation: Tuesday-Wednesday 4:30pm-8:30pm
Thursday 8:30am-9:30pm
Friday & Saturday- 8:00am - 9:30pm
Sunday-8:00am - 8:00pm