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Mountain Country Kettle Korn ~ Blairsville GA

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Pappy's River Walk is full of all sorts of treats. Pull in and you will see a cute little cabin over by the river

Mountain Country Kettle Korn made by Candace - you can't miss that! Your kids have got to taste kettle corn at least once in their lives!

Candace is serving up kettle corn out of a huge copper kettle, with a gigantic smile! Friendly and eager to serve - you can't miss buying at least one bag to sustain you along the road!

Pappy's Roadside Riverwalk is full of unique little shops, a typical tourist trap from yesteryear! As a child, I was always fascinated by places like this, in the middle of nowhere!

How to get there, head South down US Highway 129,out of Blairsville on the way to Brasstown Bald, Track Rock, and Helton Falls. You will see Pappy's huge establishment, on the right hand side, about 8 miles out of Blairsville GA. Be sure and stop for awhile at this roadside venue - it will be a kick for the kids and bring you back to when you were a kid!!

Test your fun facts on Kettle Corn!

Kettle corn is a freshly popped sweet and salty treat - popcorn with sugar, salt and oil. It is crunchy and delicious, hits the sweet cravings and the salt cravings at the same time, in one terrific relatively low calorie treat. Call them vacation calories and pretend they do not exist! Kettle corn is not as sticky sweet as caramel corn, you will find it delightfully different!

Research shows that kettle corn has been around since the colonial times in the United States (so it is a historical snack you need to feed the kids - just quiz them on the colonies while they eat it!). Settlers in the Pennsylvania Dutch country talk wrote about kettle cork in their diaries since 1776. That would make it some patriotic corn indeed! (Be sure and check out our reviews on visiting the PA Dutch country).

Mountain Country Kettle Korn

Mel and Candace Harris

Pappy's River Walk

Blairsville Georgia