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The Little Cake Bakery ~ Atlanta GA

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Craving cupcakes? Then head on down to The Little Cake Bakery, which appeared like an oasis of butterycreamy loveliness as we struggled to find our way around Atlanta without a GPS. Lost. Irritated. In the mood for a cupcake – I saw The Little Cake Bakery sign and pleaded for a cuppy-cake!

We popped out of the van and ran in. A sweet little shop filled with all things cup-cakey. A display full of cupcakes greeted us on the first warm day of Spring. Happy little frosting splurges were in cups, if you just want the frosting and not the cake! Gazing at sugary cup-cakey wonderfulness. Yum!

We chatted for a few minutes, always asking what their hottest item is. Red Velvet and Vanilla/Vanilla are the most popular cupcakes at The Little Cake Bakery and everything is baked fresh and from scratch with exceptional ingredients. With great reserve, we selected only four cupcakes from the sea of yumminess.

Vanilla/Vanilla was a simple Madagascar bourbon vanilla infused cake with a creamy vanilla frosting and colored sprinkles. Simple, yet delicious, it was a hit with all.

Smores cupcake takes you back to thoughts of roasting marshmallows and making somemores. A rich chocolate cupcake with chocolate chips, with a creamy marshmallow frosting, and adorned with a chunk of graham cracker and a square of chocolate.

Chocolate/Chocolate was rich fudgy deliciousness. Creamy rich Belgian fudge chocolate frosting swirled over a Vahlrona chocolate cake, it definitely hit all of the chocolate cravings with each luscious bite!

Emily’s favorite was the Cookies N Cream cupcake. A very subtle, lighter tasting but still rich Vahlrona chocolate cupcake with a tasty vanilla frosting enriched with Oreos, to make a luscious Cookies N Cream cupcake!

We highly recommend The Little Cake Bakery for all of your cupcake catering needs. 

The Little Cake Bakery also has drinks, and is the perfect stop as you leave Chipotle, headed toward The Atlanta Museum of History in the Buckhead area of Atlanta.

LivingHistorySites.com thoroughly enjoyed the cupcakes at The Little Cake Bakery and want to thank them for their irresistible treats!

The Little Cake Bakery

3792 Roswell Road

Atlanta, GA 30342