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Pappy's Fudge and Gifts ~ Blairsville GA

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We were headed down US Highway 129, about 5 miles southe of Blairsville cruising toward Brasstown Bald, Track Rock, and Helton Falls, when we saw the sign that changed history that day! "FUDGE" screamed the sign as we barreled past!



We can't possibly pass by homemade FUDGE! Even if that means you have to continue on down Hwy 129, until you can turn around, and double back, we want fudge! So stop we did, and turn around, so as not to miss Pappy's Riverwalk and the fun of the shops there!

We ran straight to Pappy's Fudge and Gifts and had a great time talking to owner Rhonda Melton, who runs it with her mom Barbara! We had an even better time tasting the fudge! Would you believe that 24 different varieties were staring at us, begging to be tried!

Using real cream and real butter (does it get any better than that?) they make that fudge weekly. During apple season at Pappy's Fudge, they find themselves making fudge several times a week, it is just flying out the doors!

Our favorites were the Tiger Butter - which was a creamy smooth delicious layered concoction of peanut butter, chocolate and vanilla fudge, with peanut butter swirled through.

Emily loved the Cookies and Cream, which was a vanilla fudge with chopped up Oreos throughout - very kid friendly!

Cappuccino was luscious, smooth and yummy, with a definite cappuccino taste!

Dark Rich Chocolate was just that, dark, rich chocolatey - yum!

Reeses was phenomenal, chocolate fudge with chopped up Reeses on top.

Snickers - oh now we have to have a moment while we think about Snickers, it was chocolately delicoius, with a real live caramelly, Snickersy, nutty layer - oh it was so nutty scrumptious!!

There are about 20 other flavors left to try - so be sure and go in there and get plenty! And get more than you think you need, it goes fast!

Be sure and stop for awhile at this roadside venue - it will be a kick for the kids and bring you back to when you were a kid!! Be sure to visit Pappy's Fudge and Gifts and tell them the folks at Living History Sites sent you!

Pappy's Fudge and Gifts

2763 Pappy's Plaza

Blairsville, GA 30512