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Chipotle ~ Altanta ~ Cobb Galleria

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Chipotle In Altanta GAEveryone has to have a goal! One of our goals at Living History Sites is to try every Chipotle in the nation, at least once! And at each one, we beg for them to bring one to upper Tennessee!

Emily wanted Chipotle for her birthday, followed by Cold Stone Creamery and Atlanta delivered both! Imagine our delight to see a Chipotle right up from the Cobb Galleria, where the Southeast Homeschool Expo was being held. After setting up The Old Schoolhouse booth at Cobb, we trotted up the road to Chipotle for birthday lunch!

Chipotle is as popular in Atlanta as it is back home in CA, with a line wrapping completely around the restaurant. Hot, tired and feeling cranky, we really did not want to wait. I asked the gentleman in front of me how long it would take, and he said it would only be 15, maybe less. There were probably 30 people in front of us, if not 40. I didn’t count.

There was no way we wanted to disappoint Em on her birthday, so we stayed in that line. It was moving – quickly! We were through it in no time, and just enjoyed chatting with the Atlanta’s in the line. We found the folks at Chipotle to be indicative of the super friendly city of Atlanta!

Less than 15 minutes later, it was our turn to order.

The last time we went to Chipotle, it was during the Great Tomato Scare of 2008. Chipotle is super responsible and yanked fresh tomatoes off the Chipotle ~ Altanta ~ Cobb Galleria GAmenu during that scare. Well tomatoes melded into fresh jalapenos as the suspected item making people sick, so Chipotle, always ahead of the trend, had a big sign that said “No Fresh Jalapeno Peppers” due to “Jalapeno Scare.” Ugh, we thought, what was the point??? Ugh. We want Chipotle, not fake non-jalapeno-peppered Chipotle.

But Chipotle is smarter than the average restaurant – that is why we like it so much.

Birthday girl Emily briefly contemplated the Tour de France special, Le Burrito, but opted for her fav  A flour tortilla was quickly heaped with their signature cilantro rice, grilled spicy chicken, corn salsa, cheese, sour cream and lettuce.

Dave got a burrito bowl, which is a burrito without the tortilla. Tasty cilantro rice, spicy grilled chicken, corn salsa, hot salsa, cheese, romaine lettuce, and guacamole, with more hot salsa on top.

When it got to my turn going through the Chipotle line, I was waffling. I really wanted hard shell tacos, but a burrito sounded good. It was too hot for a burrito, so I settled on the hard shelled tacos. Watching the barbacoa meat being stuffed into them, knew immediately that it was the right choice!  Corn salsa, cheese and a double stuffing of romaine lettuce topped them off.

A bag of salted lime tortilla chips, salsa and guacamole topped off the birthday meal!

It was delicious. We were amazed at how good the “jalapeno free” salsa was and wondered what Chipotle did to maintain flavor. Alas the living history sites of Atlanta were calling, and we had to jet off without asking.

It was so good, we returned that night for birthday dinner (gotta go where the traveling birthday girl wants to go!) Dave and Emily had the same thing, but I switched to a tasty low carb salad bowl (romaine lettuce, chicken, cheese, corn salsa and regular salsa.

We did ask the manager this time, since they were not swamped, how they maintained flavor without fresh jalapenos.

“We grill them,” she said!

So that is why the flavor is kicked up a notch and my lips are burning – they grilled them! Wow – can I just say that Chipotle has the BEST food, they are environmentally conscious, health conscious with excellent meats, and they are flat out brilliant! The simple chain that always delivers!

Be sure to try the Chipotle near the Cobb Galleria in Atlanta, and tell them that Living History Sites sent you!