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Cheesecake Factory ~ Atlanta ~ Cobb Galleria

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Cheesecake Factoy in Atlanta GeorgiaWhat a thrill to realize that the Cobb Galleria in Atlanta was in a beautiful area, across the street from a Cheesecake Factory! Wow! Haven’t had Cheesecake Factory since I lived at the beach in So Cal. After our first day at the Southeast Homeschool Expo, we drove across the street for dinner, and another LivingHistorySites.com restaurant review.

We had to wait a few minutes to be seated (not bad at 8pm on a Friday night). There was  a huge seating area outside, rimmed with fountains. All day long, we had noticed that the fountains in Atlanta had no water. While speaking to a gentleman, we found out it was because Atlanta was still in a Stage 4 drought, thus, no one was running water fountains.

We were called in right after that and handed their huge Cheesecake Factory menu. Be warned, you will have the opportunity to choose between about 40 cheesecake choices, and other desserts as well, so we highly recommend that you choose your cheesecake, then figure out what you will eat! Especially when traveling, when it isn’t so easy to take food with you. Everyone at the convention had been telling us how huge the portions were, and to be sure to split.

We had been perusing the menu outside, and had already settled on our cheesecake choices. Since it was hot, we decided to go light and split two appetizers and a meal!

Our waiter was Scott, and he was quick to answer questions, offering helpful ordering suggestions. He kept our iced tea, a delicious, fruity tropical tea with a slice of orange, filled. Tropical tea was a delightful change, very refreshing on a hot summer evening.

He brought us baskets of crusty sourdough bread, and a honey wheat, both excellent! Plenty of real butter, yum!

Cheesecake Factory GA We ordered the Thai Lettuce Wraps, which were gorgeous. Bibb lettuce, Thai chicken, shredded carrots, noodles and more. Add three different sauces, a sweet sauce, a spicy and a peanutty yummy sauce, the flavor combinations were endless. It was utterly delicious and rated a HIGH TEN! There is nothing better than an excellent Thai Lettuce Wrap, and the Cheesecake Factory knocked them out of the park that night!

Feeling adventuresome, we ordered an appetizer dish that was a macaroni and cheese, breaded and fried. It came looking like 4 orange-sized deep fried meatballs, on a sea of light chunky tomato sauce, topped with fresh basil leaves. Hmmm, would it be good? YES! It was odd, but absolutely excellent. We decided that we were  not going to worry about the calorie count, we knew what we were getting into when we chose “Cheesecake Factory!”

On a slightly healthier note, we ordered the Bang Bang Chicken, a dish that was supposed to be a curry with coconut milk, chicken and rice. The Bang Bang was lacking the Bang Bang of flavor. It could have been a fabulous dish, but it ended up pale and rather lame, not spicy enough. On a good day, it was a 3, although realistically only a 2 that night. We would have preferred to both order the Thai Lettuce Wraps. But alas, our job at Living History Sites is to order different stuff so we can report to our readers and give you the restaurant reviews you want!

Undaunted by the mediocre Bang Bang Chicken, buoyed by everything else being delicious, we stepped into the dessert mode and settled on trying two. We ordered the Peanut Butter Cheesecake and Caramel Turtle Cheesecake. Our waiter quickly brought them and we dug in. The PB was okay, although it lacked that delicious cheesecakey taste, and was way too sweet, almost as if it were just sugar, with little flavor. The whole reason to order peanut butter is partially because the peanut butter cuts the sweet. No deal. We rated it a 3.

Cheesecake Factory in GAEmily’s Turtle Fudge was way better, with a layer of turtle fudge, and topped with peanut butter swirls. It was much better than ours, but it still lacked that distinctive, almost pungent, cheesecakey taste. Both desserts were huge – three of us could easily have split one, so be aware of that!

Overall, I was disappointed with the cheesecake. It tasted commercial, rather bland and it simply was not as flavorful and creative as it used to be. Perhaps because the Cheesecake Factory is so mass produced, and sold in warehouse and other stores.

From my memories of the old beach hangout, it had lost it’s edge.

Overall, we had great service, and thoroughly enjoyed the Thai Lettuce Wraps – a total 10, and the Mac & Cheese balls were an 8, but the rest of the meal was a disappointing 2 or 3 in flavor. The experience was great, the location, setting and building beautiful. Despite our rather so-so food experience, everyone should experience the Cheesecake Factory at least once!

1609 Cumberland Mall, Atlanta, GA 30339
(770) 319-5515

Located off Cobb Parkway in The Cumberland Mall across the street from The Cobb Galleria Center.