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Rita’s Frozen Ice (Custard) ~ Woodstock GA

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Frozen custard is an obsession we picked up back in the Midwest. If you have never enjoyed the creamy richness of frozen custard, you need to try it!

After visiting 1st Baptist Church Woodstock, Johnny Hunt’s church above Atlanta, it was just an added blessing to have the opportunity to sample Rita’s Frozen Ice after lunch at Kaysons.

Rita’s Frozen Ice is an expanding chain of ice custard shops. Huh? Think ice cream shop, but better! The Rita’s sign says it all “Rita’s Ice-Custard-Happiness.” What an apt description!

Rita’s has ices, frozen custard, frozen coffee concoctions and so much more. You walk in and are confronted with choices of delicious frozen tubs full of ices, made fresh daily. Blueberry, peach, chocolate and more.

Soft serve machines offer frozen custard in chocolate, vanilla and swirl, and a few sugar free varieties.  The generous staff will let you sample the different flavors – so be sure and ask politely to try them!

I tried several of the frozen ices, all were delicious. I was there for the frozen custard, straight up. After tasting the chocolate and the vanilla, I quickly settled on chocolate. It had that lush, extra creamy, extra velvety, rich, custardy taste that I miss so much. It was excellent, smooth deliciousness, bite after bite.

 Dave and Emily got the blueberry ice mixed with vanilla custard. They sounded weird, like an odd combination, but it was so delicious, it was hard to decide what tasted the best! Frozen custard on the bottom of the cup, a layer of slushy ice, then more frozen custard twirled on top. You could spoon out frozen custard with the blueberry ice, with fresh real blueberries swirled throughout the ice. What seemed like a simple frozen confection was actually quite a hearty treat!

I really wanted to try a mochachino blend of frozen custard with coffee, but that will have to wait for another time, and another Rita’s. You can only eat so much in one afternoon!

Be sure and visit Rita’s Ice when you are in Woodstock, and tell them the folks at Living History Sites sent you for frozen custard! The owners are members of FBIC Woodstock too!

Rita’s Ice Atlanta

12201 Highway 92 Suite F

Woodstock, GA 30188