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Kaysons Grille ~ Woodstock GA

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Kaysons Grille Woodstock GA Right after visiting First Baptist Church Woodstock (Johnny Hunt’s church), headed out to Rita’s Frozen Ice, we had to have lunch. We passed Rita’s on Highway 92 and then pulled into the next shopping center to turn around. A “Neighborhood Grille” sign caught my eye. We pulled in, found the Kaysons to look like an interesting looking place to try for lunch.

Inside, we found a sports bar type atmosphere, with big huge screen TVs all turned to sports channels. Each table had a small flat screen, turned to different sports channels (we tried to get HGTV but it wasn’t happening!) We were able to watch the end of the Tour de France (having seen Le Burrito at Chipotle, official burrito of the US team, it was okay!)

I have to admit that we simply do not eat at sports bars, since neither word has anything to do with our tastes, passions or interests! However, if our LivingHistorySites.com readers want a sports bar, we have finally reviewed one! Kaysons was fine though, not really barlike – more family restaurant oriented and no screaming sports fans.

Our waitress Lauren was great, very attentive and quick to suggest what was good. After days of eating out, we were getting to that point where we wanted something relatively light, and normal. Not that everyone ordered light, but we still like to consider it!<!--[if !supportLineBreakNewLine]-->

I chose the Kaysons Girlle Woodstock GA, a huge salad – which had either blackened chicken or steak over greens, carrots, huge hunks of bleu cheese and cucumbers and tomatoes, and tangy bleu cheese dressing. It was absolutely perfect for a hot day before sight seeing.The crunchy Black and Bleu was the perfect salad, it tasted fabulous.

Dave got the “K” Big Daddy’s Burger, a huge whopping burger piled high with cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, onion and pickles. He got a side of BBQ sauce. Big fat, huge fries with a yummy seasoning salt topped off the treat!

Emily, always being a kid at heart, opted for the kiddie favorite, Chicken Fingers and Fries. Sigh. Do they ever grow up? She was delighted with the ample chicken fingers with honey mustard dipping sauce and seasoned french fries.

Kaysons Grille Woodstock GA We had a great chat with the owner's son, who manages the Woodstock Kayson's Grille (and I cannot find his card at this second!). He insisted that we try their desserts. We declined, insisting that we were headed over to Rita's to get frozen custard. He told us all about their delicious cakes and insisted that we try a slice. Since we had greeted the luscious confectioneries when we walked into Kayson's we couldn't resist. We got the triple layered chocolate and cheesecake combination. It was out of this world - completely delicious! The bottom mousse-y layer was the best, chocolately goodness that almost made us want to forget custard. 

But alas, we persevered!

LivingHistorySites.com heartily recommends trying on of the Kayson's Grilles when you are in Woodstock or the Atlanta area.

Kayson’s Your Neighborhood Grille


300 Village Center Dr
Woodstock, GA 30188
(678) 213-3649