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The Old Spaghetti Factory ~ Atlanta GA

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We admit it, we are guilty! When we go into big cities on Living History Tours, we try to find some of our old favorites from back home! The Old Spaghetti Factory is one of those places that was almost an institution where we lived. We had not seen one since leaving home 3 years ago. 

Atlanta had one, with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s home, church and historic sites nearby! That was Providential!

We found the Atlanta The Old Spaghetti Factory, parked and went inside. It was like stepping back into time, antiques, huge over stuffed Victorian chairs with bright upholstery, antique chandeliers, with that railroad theme the chain is famous for. It is amazing how they manage to get the huge, dark antique chairs and counters to be so similar, they must comb the country to achieve that OSF look! Contrary to the location nearest us back home, there was NOT a 2 hour wait on a Saturday night. We were quickly seated at a gorgeous round antique table.

We glanced at the menu, but settled on our normal favorites! We could have eaten anywhere in Atlanta that night, but we wanted that taste of home desperately!

Famous for their complete dinners, that include bread and soup or salad, entree, iced tea, and their signature spumoni ice cream for dessert. They are consistently one of the best values out there for a sit down family meal in a fun atmosphere.

Our waitress was awesome, very attentive and quickly brought out the happy little loaf of bread on a cutting board, with the tub of garlic butter snuggled up next to it, along with our drinks. We were dying for it! She plopped the bread on the table, and we dove in shamelessly. Why is The Old Spaghetti Factory bread so good? Memories of happy meals filled with friends and family filled each bite. It was so weird to be in Atlanta, and in California at the same time! The Old Spaghetti Factory just transcends time and space in that way.

Maybe it is the huge train car filled with diners that is in the middle of every The Old Spaghetti Factory! Somehow those train cars always look like they belong!

We devoured our salads, with the Pesto herb dressing. They tasted fresh and delicious, simple and just comforting. 

I ordered the Baked Chicken with Mizithra Cheese, Browned Butter and spaghetti. Words fail me to describe this dish. I have missed mizithra cheese, not tasting it once since leaving So Cal. What is it? Mizithra is a semi-hard cheese that looks like parmesan, but has more of a kick to it. Sprinkled on top of the browned butter on pasta, it is the perfect flavor combination. The spaghetti is half topped with mizithra and half with regular marinar sauce. I like to combine a bit of each pasta topping in each bite - it is perfect that way. Be careful with mizithra, it can get stuck in your teeth, so glance in a mirror before smiliing! The chicken is so I don't totally keel over into a carb coma, spaghetti, tons of bread, and that lone piece of herbed chicken.

Dave had the extra large portion of Spaghetti with Browned Butter and Mizithra Cheese. Talk about carb coma! He skips the chicken, and he skips the half marinara sauce, so he can just dive in to the perfect plate of spaghetti. It is massive, and perfection in every bite. By the time you get to the bottom of the plate, you see butter and your object is to swirl that pasta into it until you get it all up!

Emily defaulted to her normal thing, and had Fettuccine Alfredo, now that she was too old for the kids meals.Why anyone would order FA when mizithra is on the menu is beyond me, but we are happy when she orders something other than what we have, so we can all sample. She loved her Fettuccine Alfredo, it had great flavor and lots of Parmesan cheese. Em also ordered the Italian Creme Soda, served in a colorful keepsake glass. They are cognizant that you might be traveleing - so bring you a clean glass to take home (which I really appreciated)

Speaking of kids meals, The Old Spaghetti Factory has two types of kids meals available, a toddler/preschool version and a bigger kid version, both are a fabulous value. Our kids grew up on them! 

We were next to a wedding rehearsal dinner, a huge family that we ended up half joining, and I became the official photographer, capturing their entire family in photos.  Our waitress was dealing with this huge family (probably 20-25 people) and managed to give both tables excellent service.

We finished off our dinner with spumoni ice cream, which the Factory is famous for! Italion, it is a delicious blend of chocolate, cherry and pistachio ice creams.  They also have plain vanilla for the less adventurous. The spumoni is always the perfect, cool refreshing end to dinner at The Old Spaghetti Factory, like an old friend signing off.

Living History Sites highly recommends The Old Spaghetti Factory in Atlanta while you are out exploring history near MLK Jr's home! Tell them LivingHistorySites.com sent you!

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