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Welcome to the wonderful world of Living History Sites. We escaped the concrete jungle of Southern California, moving east, to be closer to the heart of our nations history. What began as a homeschool experiment and wearing a few costumes to an event at a local history farm, turned into a a passionate pursuit of all things history, living in tents on the weekend and reenacting the American Civil War - even to relocating cross country! You don't get much more crazy about a subject than that!

Once we moved out here, we had 18 target locations in which to settle, in three different states. As we searched these places for our new home, we wanted to find the historical sites near each one. As we researched areas, we delighted in the history, so different from our home in California. In the planning stages before we moved, we had tried to figure out what was where, intending to explore different historical sites in many areas as we looked for our new home.

What we found surprising may shock you in the information age (and we are dedicated internet researchers). It was often difficult to ferret out the information about a particular area BEFORE we arrived. Sure, we would find different chunks here and there online, additional blurbs when we got to a location, especially in our hotel rooms, but overall we found that it was difficult to find information about these great living history sites - without extensive research.

We also found that brochures really played up how wonderful something was, and when we got there, we would scratch our heads and look for a sliver of truth in the slick marketing brochure. Worse yet, we often discovered all the cool places we wanted to see AFTER we visited an area (partially because we were so busy visiting the slick brochures.) but our time had already been used up and we would have to visit those historical sites another time.

Since our passion is history, from the beginning of the United States to the present, we decided to create the Living History Sites website that would help you navigate great, historical places to visit, narrating our experiences first hand on this website. As history fanatics, reenactors, living historians, magazine columnists, we spent a lot of time typing this information up. Our goal is to always make historical travel a total experience, writing great reviews fantastic local restaurants and hotels and Bed and Breakfasts and country inns,  to make the experience unique and special. We are competing with video games and movies - so great food is a must! And yes, you will notice a throwback to our California days in our continued obsession with Chipotle and Trader Joe's....but I digress!

Families love to explore the rich and varied history of the United States but are not quite sure where to begin or how to inspire a passion for history in their kids. It is our job to guide you through the wonderful places we have visited. Not only will we tell you the TRUTH about historical homes, museums, battlefields, living history farms and the like, we will give you an ongoing narrative as we journey across America! We will include the best of a particular area for families, including what hotels are fun to stay in and add to the voyage and the BEST food around! We hope to be able to profile the best restaurants, coffee shops, delis, local cultural hotspots, ice cream shops, all cupcakes and more! The point is to have fun on vacation and inspire a love for this great country of ours! It is our hope and prayer that you will enjoy Living History Sites and join us on the greatest American adventure waiting for your family!

Join us on the tour as history comes ALIVE, the unique travel journalism site!!

Dave, Lisa and Emily Baughn

At the Civil War Tea in Southern California ~ May 2005


Exploring Tipton-Haynes State Historic Site in Johnson City TN ~ Christmas 2007

Dave Baughn is the LivingHistorySites.com technical genius. Without him, this site would simply NOT exist! He is awesome and can do anything!

Lisa Baughn writes all of the LivingHistorySites.com articles, photographs all venues, contacts historical sites, lodging & restaurants about reviews, and is the marketing person behind the site.

Emily Baughn deals with all of her mom's photographs, putting them on the site and provides a kids point of view. Not bad for a 14 year old...who is now 16 and now 18!

ClaraBaughn is the practically perfect schpaniel who travels with her family on these long voyages and gets left in the car (when it is safe to do so) at all restaurants, B&Bs, and historical sites...and she still loves us!