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Tall Ships Festival ~ Dana Point CA

Tall ShipIncidentally, if you are interested in a wonderful day getting to know the sailing vessels of our “time period” the Tall Ships Festival each fall is a wonderful way to do that. Terrific living history that would behoove us all to be familiar with. We went pre-reenacting (if there ever was such a time???) While the 2004 festival has occurred, look forward to the 2005!

While we have never been to the Oxnard Tall Ships event, we did enjoy the event (as normalOcean View folks) in Dana Point a few years ago. The ships are extraordinary, it is a visual feast and we thoroughly enjoyed it. An understanding of the ships of our time period will only make our presentations more believable. Each nuance we can absorb into our character just makes us better reenactors, which enhances our club. Visiting the tall ships will increases our vocabularies and appreciation for the time period. We wholeheartedly endorse ALL reenactors going – we have often thought of how fun it would be to attend one “dressed” in period attire! What a dandy thing to sachet around on a ship from our time period (and really understand the perils of a woman aboard a ship) in our massive clothing, and see in a different way how it felt to live during that time period.


Tall Ship

Or visit the Ocean Institute to see The Spirit of Dana Point, the ship that Henry Dana wrote "Two Years Before the Mast" about! Read the book, then go see the ship - especially good for teenage boys!