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There is nothing more fun than building the character and history of a living history persona. Whether an actual person, a combination of several people, or a generic person similiar to your own life, there are some critical questions to ask yourself.

Some of these questions were sparked by a fantastic workshop we attended in Northern California, and an amalgamation of questions found online, over the years. There are dozens of fascinating paths to follow in the world of living history, personas and bringing historical characters to life. Contemplating the answers to a variety of questions is worth the time, research and thought and will help your character shine!

Also a great exercise to go over before each event - especially if you are portraying different people, battles, years or events. A great how to questionairre on building an accurate and realistic portrayal for a family as well. Each of the kids should be able to answer these questions! Grab the family and go through them on the way to your next event!

Biography Form

Character's Name:

(Reenactor Name)

Briefly, what will your first-person portrayal be at this event?

Where do you live?

Birthplace?  Date?

What did your parents do for a living?

Did you grow up in a rural town, out in the country, or a city?

How many brothers and sisters did you have?

Did you have relatives nearby (think North or South and how this might affect your character)

Educational level?

Socio-economic level?

Did you believe in Christ?

Did you attend a church?


General health?

Marital status?

Children's names and ages:

Political position on slavery:

Secession/state's rights:

General attitude and outlook on life:

Are there any soldiers in your family:

How has the war affected the way you and your family live?:

How has the war affected the town you live in – is it divided?

How will you portray the effects of the war on you at this event:

What scenarios will help you portray your character and/or the impact of the war on your character?: