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Chipotle ~ Atlanta GA

Traveling to Atlanta, you KNOW Chipotle is on our list! Our family’s all time favorite from our California years, so we had to brave the wildness of Atlanta's many Peachtree roads and hit a Chipotle

Chipotle serves fast, healthy, freshly made on the spot Mexican food. Choose from chicken, steak, barbacoa (heavenly!) and carnitas, which are going progressively more hormone free, free range, no antibiotic, delicious meats, from humanely treated animals! Go Chipotle – you get our GREEN AWARD! Yes - you will find Chipotle nationwide - so look for this one of a kind treat wherever you go!

Lisa got the hard shell tacos with tender, tasty barbacoa (shredded roast beef delicately spiced and so delicious), medium hot corn salsa, jack cheese and lots and lots of shredded lettuce (I try for two servings of lettuce!) Seasoned to perfection. They generally rate a high 10, but on this trip, they were about a 7. Not sure why! Still good, but not AS good.

Emily got a burrito bowl with Chipotle’s famous cilantro rice, spicy chicken, mild tomato salsa, sour cream, cheese and lettuce. Yummy! Emily is up for Chipotle ANYTIME!

Dave gets chicken bowl with cilantro rice, chicken, medium corn salsa, cheese, lettuce, guacamole (extra) and topped with hot red tomatillo salsa!

Naturally, since it was our Chipotle fix in Atlanta, we got a bag of fresh lime infused tortilla chips, with Kosher salt and guacamole and more mild tomato salsa to finish off the meal! Unlike The Varsity Restaurant, all of this could easily be put on my Anti-Inflammatory diet sheet and pass my doctors's visit (um, well, the chips are out of line!) 

When food is freshly made like they do at Chipotle, there can be flavor variations. It isn’t all out of the same can, and tastes the same every day – because it is mass produced and carted across America on trucks. It is fresh and seasoned on the spot. This can produce slightly different results and is part of the fun. Some days the corn salsa can be super spicy, the next time so sweet with summer fresh corn that they probably need to double the jalapenos to bring the flavor up! So it is like home cookin, different, rarely exactly the same.

All the food was OKAY, but not as good as we had hoped. Don't know if it was just an "off" day for this Atlanta Chipotle, or if it was the music that was WAY too loud, or the wind whipping us up outside (the music was intolerable inside)

Part of what makes Chipotle so fun back home, was the sparkling fun personalities of the employees – they just make it a fun, funky restaurant ~ and this Atlanta stop had rather cranky employees!

Still a family favorite – we HIGHLY recommend finding your nearest Chipotle and running in for some awesome Mexican food! (You will see Living History Sites constantly reviewing Chipotle in every city we find one in! Currently we have to drive 3 hours for a fix, so you better believe we will visit them on every trip we take when we are near one!)

Incidentally, since Chipotle is one of our favorite restaurants and so far away, I have learned to recreate their food at home. For those recipes and many more, please visit my website at www.ThePrudentWife.com

After we left Chipotle, we were on our way to the Atlanta History Center, and found some cuppycakes on the way at The Little Cake Bakery! Total badness, but hey, it was my BIRTHDAY vacation, so whatevuh!

Chipotle - Buckhead North
3424 Piedmont Road
Atlanta, GA 30305
404-869-7921 (phone)
404-869-7923 (fax)