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Chick-Fil-A Dwarf House ~ Hapeville GA

Since moving to the South, we have become crazed Chick-Fil-A fans. There is just no two ways about it, we love Chick Fil A! We love the story of Chick-Fil-A, the food, the staff, the fact that they are always super helpful and give terrific service, and most of all we love the fact that they play Christian music.

Since we are rabid Chick-Fil-A fans, we determined to go to the Dwarf House, where the whole story of CFA began! Originally, Truett Cathy opened the Dwarf Grille in 1946. It later became the known as the Dwarf House. In 1964, he invented the chicken sandwich and the rest is history!

We were staying down by the Atlanta Airport and knew that the Dwarf House was somewhere near. We asked and found out that it was just a few blocks over, and up....we were right by it! After a busy day chasing history, we headed over the the Dwarf House. 

A vintage sign greeted us as we drove up, and a different looking building. CFAs are pretty standard, so it was a bit of a suprise. Like every other Chick-Fil-A, the place was packed. We walked inside the restaurant, and noticed a 50's looking section with big booths on one side, a counter with bar stools on the other. Waitresses bustled up and down the aisles, taking orders and serving platters of food. It looked just like a vintage Denny's, with a Chick-Fil-A twist! 

On the other side, a regular walk up Chick-Fil-A counter with the regular menu, just like the regular CFAs have everywhere.

It felt like a split personality! We half expected Truett to pop out, but he never did!

We had to wait awhile for a seat, and finally got the opportunity to plop down in the big booth. It was a busy Saturday night, and people had to get their fix in, before Sunday (CFAs are closed on Sunday)

We looked at the menu and got to choose. Either our everyday favorites served on a plate, or their special hot lunches and dinners. I watched as a waitress grabbed a plastic box of CFA salad, exactly what is at every restaurant, then arrange it neatly on a plate, with packages of salad dressing and croutons. It cracked me up. Looks so much better on a plate! We each ordered one and they were just extra good on that plate!

Dave was brave and ordered one of the most popular items on the Dwarf House menu, the Hot Brown Platter. That sounded good, chunks of chicken in a thick cream sauce, with cheddar cheese, topped with bacon, paprika and toast. We had sort of an ooey gooey yummy chicken casserole type of thing in mind, dripping with cheese, sprinkled with chunks of bacon. 

Nope! Think 1950's diner. Our waitress brought out his Hot Brown Platter and we did a double take. It was an oval bowl with white gravy, a little bit of cheese running under the white gravy. Two long pieces of bacon were on top, and 4 quarters of toast stuck out the sides. The Jetsons theme song began running through my mind and I was cracking up on the inside. 

We were here for vintage food, to try the ORIGINAL Chick-Fil-A and we did! Still trying not to giggle at Dave's hospital food, we dug in.

Emily and I got nice little oval Chicken Pot Pie Platters. Chunks of chicken in a cream sauce, with vegetables, topped with a flaky crust. Our Chicken Pot Pies were good, a little bland and very hot. Totally 50's.

We ate and just enjoyed being there at the Dwarf House.

I could not help but be VERY thankful that Truett and his wife had not stopped at the Hot Brown, but had expanded into that famous CFA sandwich and the nuggets and waffle fries! 

Our waitress was superb, all Georgia sugar and spice! It was like being whisked back into another era. We are thrilled that we tried it....but I did look a little longingly at the chicken nugget menu as we walked out!

We highly recommend the experience of eating at the Dwarf House and getting a taste of where Chick-Fil-A started! It was definitely a trip back in time! Tell them the folks at LivingHistorySites.com sent you!

Hapeville Dwarf House

461 Central Avenue
Hapeville, GA 30354
(404) 762-1746