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Helton Creek Falls ~ near Blairsville GA

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While exploring the beautiful mountains of North Georgia, you have to visit at least one waterfall with your children. The Cherokee, who once inhabited North Georgia called it "the land of a thousand waterfalls," and they are everywhere and absolutely not to be missed! If you have never been to a waterfall, prepare yourself for an experience that is unparalleled!

We studied our map as we left Blairsville, and plotted out a course. Helton Creek Falls is near Brasstown Bald, and Trackrock, which are near Vogel State Park. You can see them all in one afternoon!

We left Blairsville, and traveling South in US 129 for about 11 miles. After Vogel State Park, you will see a small sign that says “Helton Creek Falls.” Turn right and you will go down a private mountain road. The first mile or so will be paved, and then it will be about 5 miles of unpaved road, winding up and down. You will absolutely think you are lost, and must be on the wrong road. Don’t give up, you will eventually round a corner and see a parking lot.

Take the walking trail down to the falls. There are two levels to see them at, a top level which is magnificent, and a lower level.

Don’t miss them – the sound, the feeling, the energy are all there! Every kid should see a waterfall at least once!