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Brasstown Bald ~ Blairsville GA

 Price: $3.00 (parking)  OPTIONAL: $2.00/person (shuttle to top) You can hike if you prefer
Value: Excellent
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The bad thing about vacations is that you cannot choose the weather! Our trip to North Georgia was full of thunderstorms and much needed rain, for which we were very grateful! However, it did spoil the sight seeing a bit. But knowing that Atlanta was down to a 90 day water supply last summer, and that the Southeast has been suffering drought conditions, we did not mind!

At 4784 feet above sea level, and the highest point in Georgia, Brasstown Bald is a sight to behold, especially on a clear day! From this former fire lookout originally built during the Great Depression of the 1930's, you can see four states as you look out. Georgia is where you are standing, with panoramic views out to Tennessee, North Carolina and South Carolina in the distance.

What had been a rainy day turned to a stormy day as we ascended the mountain going up to Brasstown Bald. By the time we reached the visitors parking lot, the top of the mountain was enshrouded with clouds. It was $3 to park, and for $2 per person, you could ride the bus up to the top of Brasstown, for the views, a visitor center, and a movie. We rode up the steep incline and reached the pea soupy, clouded top. When we got off the bus, it was COLD, much colder than the late June warmth of the summer below.

We decided to watch the movie, hoping it might clear up outside during the 14 minute presentation. It was an interesting movie about Brasstown Bald, explaining how the climate changes through the elevations, seasons and micro climates. It gave some of the history of Brasstown, and showed the extraordinary views. We were surprised to learn that Brasstown Bald has the climate of Massachusetts, while the valleys below are typical southern Georgia. Some of the worldview in the movie was a little off, but all in all, it was information that kids will enjoy!

We walked through the museum, with lots of nature displays, and local wildlife featured prominently. Run by the Forest Service, some interesting displays on recycling and forestry issues lined the walls with information.

Southern Appalachian culture was on display, with some excellent exhibits on what mountain life was like, based on land. The history of the area was featured prominently, both Indian and settlers.

We stayed up on top about an hour waiting for it to clear, before beginning to hear the distant roll of thunder. We considered walking down the path, but decided against it, in case of a downpour!

Try to plan your visit on a day without thunderstorms, but realize that it is possible that the heat and humidity in the beautiful rolling valleys below will inspire storms on Brasstown Bald.

For More Information
Blue Ridge District
1881 Highway 515
P.O. Box 9
Blairsville, GA 30512
Phone: 706 745-6928
Fax: 706 745-7494
Office hours: Mon. - Friday, 8:00 - 4:30

Brasstown Bald Visitor Information Center
706 896-2556