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Georgia Visitor Center ~ Secret Travel Weapon!!!

The Georgia Visitor Center is your secret travel weapon! Utilize it!

Coming from the California, and the western side of the US, we were trained by necessity NOT to use the rest stops. They were gritty and yucky and half of them were closed down. You simply did not use the rest stops in the west, without a big, burly body guard.

But on the Eastern side of the US, you will find the rest stops along the freeways to be absolutely wonderful! Clean, comfortable bathrooms with good lighting, toilet paper and soap, they are a welcome respite for the busy traveler!

When you cross a state line, always look for the Georgia VISITOR CENTER or Welcome Center and take the time to pull off!!

Inside the Georgia Visitor's Center you will find a huge selection of:

  • travel materials
  • brochures of every kind
  • great information on living history sites all over the state
  • plantations, historic homes, cabins and more
  • Civil War information, including Civil War Trails
  • Revolutionary War information
  • lodging brochures with beautiful bed and breakfasts, cabins, lodges, hotels and more
  • family & kid friendly travel information
  • coupon books full of great deals
  • information on the state you are in
  • maps of the state, maps of main cities
  • knowledgeable and helpful staff.

They will help you unlock the best of what their state has to offer, including many gems that are simply not well publicized (that is why we love them so much!)

They are a fount of great information - a not miss for every state from the Midwest to the East Coast!

All in all, this brief 10 or 15 minute stop will be worth it's weight in gold!

And plenty of information about the Peach State, with lots of peach information in the summertime!

And if you bring your lunch, there are beautiful places to picnic! Tables are everywhere, most shaded or sheltered.

You will also find dog walks, in clearly designated areas! 

Operating hours vary by location! Restrooms are usually open 24 hours, 7 days a week.

LivingHistorySites.com loves the Georgia Visitor Centers located all over the state on major highways!