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Marietta Welcome Center ~ Marietta GA

Marietta Welcome Center ~ Marietta GAThe Marietta Welcome Center, located near the vintage 1898 train depot, right off the historic Square is the place to begin your historical vacation in Marietta, GA. Utilize it and always look for the Visitor or Welcome Center in any historical town you are going into! Most of the time, they are well worth it.

Their knowledgeable and helpful staff greeted us, offered us water on a hot, hot day and were delighted to share information about the Marietta and the history of the town with us! They exuded Southern hospitality at its best, and truly made us rue the fact that we only had a few hours left in Marietta (so be sure to visit them FIRST!)

Inside the Marietta Welcome Center you will find a huge selection of:

  • travel materials
  • brochures on everything in Marietta and
  • great information on living history sites all over Marietta and Atlanta
  • plantations, historic homes, cabins and more
  • Civil War information, including Civil War Trails
  • Gone With The Wind Information
  • lodging brochures with beautiful bed and breakfasts, lodges, hotels and more
  • family & kid friendly travel information
  • possibly coupons or coupon books full of great deals

Marietta Welcome Center ~ Marietta GAThey will help you unlock the best of what Marietta and the Atlanta area has to offer, including many gems that are simply not well publicized (that is why we love them so much!)

They are a fount of great information - and have some fun city souvenirs and postcards. All in all, this brief 10 or 15 minute stop will be worth it's weight in gold!


Marietta Welcome Center

4 Depot St NE
Marietta, GA 30060
(770) 429-1115