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Marietta Confederate Cemetery ~ Marietta GA

Marietta Confederate Cemetery ~ Marietta GAOnce upon a time, I lived near New Orleans and loved to visit the historic city. It is good to explore much of New Orleans on foot, peeking into the nooks and crannies of time long past. Walking down an old street, I peeked inside a very old wall, and discovered an old cemetery. Fascinated by the old grave markers, intricate headstones, and memorials, I entered, very unsure of myself.

I soon found that strolling through the graves of people who have long since met there Maker, one finds an absolute wealth of historical information and insight, gleaned from merely reading what is written on the grave stones, memorials and historical markers. As odd as it may sound, it is a great place to spend a few minutes with your kids, giving them an appreciation for the people who have lived, made history and died before them. It is a way to connect with the past that  you simply cannot do in any other way. Marietta Confederate Cemetery ~ Marietta GA

The Confederate Cemetery is in the midst of the much larger and older Marietta City Cemetery. Filled with large graceful trees, it was peaceful and beautiful, yet it is perched on the side of a busy road and modern noise intruded on the stillness of the place. It is amazing how the city of Marietta grew around all of the historic sites, but grow it did.

From the battlefield of Chickamauga, to the Atlanta campaign, over 3000 Confederate dead from every state are buried at the the Marietta Confederate Cemetery on the sloping hillsides of Marietta, GA.

The cemetery originally was established for Confederate soldiers killed in a railway collision. It went on to become the final resting place of Confederate soldiers from nearby battles and battlefields.

A Cannon With a Story Marietta GAIn the midst of the Confederate section, a cannon is found with a story. Originally used at Georgia's Military Institute, it became a part of the cause during the Civil War. Sherman captured it, and it was a trophy of war on his infamous "March to the Sea." It was returned to Marietta in 1911 and put in the cemetery. 

As you walk through the paths reading the memorials, you get a sense of what the Confederate Army was fighting for.

"They sleep the sleep of our noble slain

Defeated, yet without a stain

Proudly and peacefully."

 Another marker heralds the

3000 who fell from every Southern State, who fell on Georgia soil, for Georgia rights and Georgia homes."

The Confederate Cemetery gives you a powerful glimpse into the attitude of "State's Rights" that was such a compelling force for the Southern soldiers. Their state was their "country" and they would defend her to the end.

Do not miss the Slave Lot, just across the road from the Confederate section. 

LivingHistorySites.com highly recommends visiting a few cemeteries as you explore American history. 

Marietta Confederate Cemetery

381 Powder Springs Street

Marietta, GA