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Marietta National Military Cemetery ~ Marietta GA

Marietta National Military Cemetery ~ Marietta GAAs I wrote on the Marietta Confederate Cemetery review,

Once upon a time, I lived near New Orleans and loved to visit the historic city. It is good to explore much of New Orleans on foot, peeking into the nooks and crannies of time long past. Walking down an old street, I peeked inside a very old wall, and discovered an old cemetery. Fascinated by the old grave markers, intricate headstones, and memorials, I entered, very unsure of myself.

I soon found that strolling through the graves of people who have long since met there Maker, one finds an absolute wealth of historical information and insight, gleaned from merely reading what is written on the grave stones, memorials and historical markers. As odd as it may sound, it is a great place to spend a few minutes with your kids, giving them an appreciation for the people who have lived, made history and died before them. It is a way to connect with the past that  you simply cannot do in any other way.

The Marietta National Military Cemetery was established in 1866 after the Civil War to hold the almost 10,000 Union dead after Sherman's brutal March to the Sea. The cemetery now holds many of the heroes of our nations battles, from the Civil War to Vietnam. Neat headstones line the rolling Georgia hills, marching in dignified lines through out the cemetery. There is an air of quiet dignity, control and orderliness. Above the neatly marked headstones, canopies of large, graceful trees, lend a peaceful restful repose. On a side street in Marietta, thankfully modern noise has largely left the quiet stillness of the place alone.

Marietta National Military Cemetery The stunning granite memorial arch that greets you at the front of the cemetery is inscribed: “Here rest the remains of 10,312 Officers and Soldiers who died in defense of the Union 1861-1865.”

This Roman inspired arch is one of 5 grand arches marking the fronts of national cemeteries in the South, after the Civil War.  Beautiful and cool in the waning summer night, it stands 35 feet tall, with Doric columns, and ornate iron gates, an imposing entryway.

Our family was tiring of cemeteries by the time we got to the Marietta National Cemetery and we did a quick drive through, walking through a few areas of it. LivingHistorySites.com recommends at least driving by this one, and seeing the incredible arch at the front. But if you had to choose, we found the Confederate Cemetery much more interesting, especially the unusual Slave Lot.

Marietta National Military Cemetery ~ Marietta GA

Marietta National Cemetery
500 Washington Avenue
Marietta, GA 30060
Phone: (770)428-5631 or (866) 236-8159