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The Big Chicken ~ Marietta GA

Well, this is a stretch for a LivingHistorySites.com review, but it was a quirky part of exploring Marietta!

As we tooled around Marietta, we kept hearing about "The Big Chicken."

The Big Chicken????

Only in the South! This landmark is one of the directional markers of Marietta and it would actually behoove anyone visiting the historical sites of the area to know where it was. Then, when folks give you directions, recommend a restaurant, or talk about Marietta, you will know where they are in relation to The Big Chicken! Navigating hilly areas can be challenging and it would have helped! 

In our last few hours in Marietta, we finally drove past The Big Chicken! It turned out to be a huge metal chicken hovering over a KFC restaurant.

Literally, "you can't miss it!" just like they all said!

The Big Chicken ~ KFC Kentucky Fried Chicken Restaurant

1970 N. Cobb Parkway (or US 41 since everything is named Cobb something!) on the northeast corner at the intersection of Cobb Parkway (U.S. 41) and Roswell Rd. Marietta, GA

Directions: Take I-75 to the South 120 Loop (also known as South Marietta Parkway). Go west for .6 miles on GA 120 to South Cobb Parkway. Turn right on South Cobb and go .7 miles to the Big Chicken on the right