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Atlanta Convention and Visitors Bureau ~ Downtown Atlanta GA

The official Atlanta travel guide comes to life!  Right near Underground Atlanta, you will find the Atlanta Convention and Visitors Bureau in Downtown. Not only do they have one of the best websites around, but you can visit in person and take home travel brochures on everything you might want! Add a Delta display and a short history of the town, and some interactive Atlanta destinations, and it was a great stop all on its own!

You will also see exactly WHY Atlanta is so difficult to get around, when you view the Peachtree sign tower displayed in the center of the building! 

Mary Ann Hearn, the supervisor of the Visitor Center was knowledgeable and so helpful. She was delighted to share information about the downtown Atlanta area and offer many excellent suggestions on what to do and why! She was excited about the work we are doing with LivingHistorySites.com! She exuded Southern hospitality at its best (so be sure to visit them FIRST!) and proved to be a treasure trove of information for our current stay. We grabbed a lot of information for our next Atlanta trip.

Mary Ann also gave us our best Atlanta map ever. We knew where we were going, but her assistance on what is NEAR the sites we wanted to see, helped us figure out how to fit it all in!

Inside the Atlanta Convention and Visitors Bureau you will find a huge selection of:

  • GREAT maps of Atlanta!
  • travel materials galore
  • travel brochures on everything in Atlanta (and the whole area)
  • great information on living history sites all over Atlanta and nearby cities
  • plantations, historic homes, cabins and more
  • Civil War information, including Civil War Trails
  • Gone With The Wind Information
  • Atlanta nightlife ideas
  • Half Price tickets for Atlanta destinations
  • lodging brochures with beautiful bed and breakfasts, lodges, hotels and more
  • family & kid friendly travel information
  • coupons or coupon books full of great deals

They will help you unlock the best of what the Atlanta area has to offer, including many gems that are simply not well publicized (that is why we love them so much!)

What is better, there is a ticket counter around the corner from the main entrance that specializes in HALF PRICE TICKETS for every wonderful thing to do in Atlanta! 

They also had a great Delta airlines display, complete with the front of an airplane. That is right, a slice of the airplane, with a cockpit open and accessible, for the kids to enjoy.  It was great and would keep little ones entertained while mom and dad grabbed travel brochures!

As you walked further in to the Downtown Atlanta Convention and Visitors Bureau, they had interactive displays of Stone Mountain (I finally understood what it was, and realized it needed at least half a day, closer to a whole day!) 

A history of Atlanta Underground was posted along one wall. Memorabilia and information about the city was everywhere! 

They are a fount of great information. All in all, this brief 10 or 15 minute stop will be worth it's weight in gold!

Utilize it and always look for the Visitor, Welcome or Convention Center in any city or historical town you are going into! Most of the time, they are well worth a quick visit.

Atlanta Convention and Visitors Bureau: Main Office

 233 Peachtree St NE # 1400, Atlanta GA 30303