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High Museum of Art ~ Atlanta, GA

The High Museum of Art was our top destination on this Atlanta trip. We are studying Ancient History this year and wanted the opportunity to see some chunks of ancient history live and in person. The High had been invaded by an ancient army, The First Emperor ~ China's Terracotta Army has taken up residence until April 19, 2009.

If you are in Atlanta, you know it is a bit of a nightmare to get around, and finding the High was no exception. The streets twist at odd angles, with freeways interwoven. You figure out how to get there, then realize you mapped it on one way streets. Then there are the street names. Every other street has some form of the name “Peachtree” in it or it is some long drawn out person’s name. People are everywhere, cars are flying through, taxis chasing yellow lights, it is a city, alive and pulsing! It is great. Yet your little former California city self is sitting in the middle of it thinking, “we country folk now!”

After a bit of a driving adventure, we rounded a corner and there sat the High Museum of Art, gleaming up at us. We drove around and parked in the back of the museum, paying $11 for that privilege. As we left, we saw cheaper parking lots adjacent, so make that decision. We always forget that parking has a price in the city.

Coming up out of the dark parking tower, we emerged from the elevator to the bright sunlight filtering through flowering early spring trees in the courtyard, the High Museum glittering in the sunlight. A huge banner announced the Louvre and China's Terracotta Army, and Terracotta soldiers guarded the gift shop. It was a beautiful sight. This is going to be good, we thought!

On a time limit (the one really bad drawback of LivingHistorySites.com) we got our tickets. We quickly scanned the brochures to figure out what to see first, prioritizing the museum, from most important exhibit to we'll be okay if we miss it. Mentally allot time and then go for it, knowing that you have enough time to explore the museum, although not necessarily as leisurely as you would like.

Our goal was China's Terracotta Army (fabulous, read about it here) The Louvre and the Masterpiece, then the permanent collection which is always there.

The permanent collection at the High Museum is housed throughout the huge complex. Different floors represent different types of art. We explored American, African, Decorative, Modern and Contemporary, European and Folk Art, seeing many gorgeous pieces of art and sculpture, along with paintings, photographs, and so much more! You have got to visit The High when you are in Atlanta!

Being a fan of the Impressionist Art, I was thrilled to see three Monets, two Renoirs and three Pissaros and a Mary Cassat in the European Art area. We have also been studying spiritual warfare through the book of Ephesians, and there was a beautifully done marble statue of Diana. 

Museums are full of wonder, and we happened to catch Louvre Atlanta: the Louvre and the Masterpiece. In it's final year, what a treat that was! Straight from Paris, the Louvre has loaned 91 different treasures to be shown at The High.

While there was no photography allowed in this special exhibit, it was magnificent, beginning with the definition of Masterpiece and how it has changed over time. 

We were able to see a real Faberge egg, paintings, a Limoge sculpture, a hammered bronze basin used to baptize Louis XIII in 1610, then Napoleon III's son in the 1850's. 

A special section examined forgeries through the years. Interactive multimedia displays with fascinating clues and facts led through an examination of what a forgery was, how they are discovered and allowed the public to try their hand at ferreting out the forgery! 

Upcoming exhibitions include Monet's Water Lilies and Leonardo's da Vinci's sculpture in 2009. Check their website to see what is currently on display, and try and weave them into your next living history trip!

Living History Sites highly recommends visiting the High Museum in Atlanta, it is well worth visiting each time you make it to Atlanta! and tell theme that the people at LivingHistorySites.com sent you

The High is located in Midtown Atlanta at:

1280 Peachtree Street, N.E.
Atlanta, GA 30309

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