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Westin Sun Dial Restaurant Bar & View ~ Atlanta GA

Atlanta is full of things to do! We could visit for a month and still not pack them all in. We tend to really gravitate towards OLDER history at LivingHistorySites.com, but sometimes we have to sneak a little modern history in. History from our lifetime!

The Westin Sun Dial Restaurant Bar & View in downtown Atlanta is just such a place. The Westin rises up out of the center of downtown Atlanta, a soaring 73-story tower of gleaming mirrored glass. We just thought it was a round building looking at it, and it really did not hold a dime's worth of interest as we be-bopped around Atlanta.

While exploring Underground Atlanta, we had stopped into  the downtown Atlanta Convention and Visitors Bureau. Mary Ann Hearn, convention supervisor, told us we could not miss going up in the Westin. She said it was an absolutely stunning view and a "can't miss Atlanta hotspot." 

The Westin Peachtree Plaza in Atlanta is the tallest hotel in the western hemisphere! That is noteworthy and worth exploring, it isn't every day that you can go in the tallest hotel in the western hemisphere. You can travel up to the top, and visit the revolving Sun Dial Restaurant Bar & View. Wow!

Going to the top was something we had to do. We would have loved to have had dinner, but we weren't dressed for it, and we would have had to go back to the hotel and change. After a hard day of sight seeing, we just were not up for that. Sure, we could have passed with what we had on, but we would prefer to make it a spectacular night if we were going to go eat, rested, dressed up and make it special. We were glad we made the choice with all the prom couples going up!

So we opted for the ride up in the Westin elevator to visit the view. We paid for our tickets, and hopped on the elevator and started the upward ascent. The elevator was flew up those 73 flights like a knife slicing through soft butter. It took a little over a minute to go up. We had to make sure we kept popping our ears, since the pressure was changing. All that effort trying to keep our ears clear, and all the sudden we were there.

The elevator we were in happened to have blanked out windows, which made it very easy to go up in. You could not see it shuttling off the base of the hotel and climbing to the sky!

We got off the elevator at the viewing level, on the 73rd floor. We were eye level with skyscrapers and taller than tall buildings. It was wild. 

I was fine until I realized that The Sun Dial Restaurant and Bar was moving slowly in a circle below my floor. The viewing deck has clover shaped cut outs, sprinkled over the 72nd floor. There was plenty of opportunity to see the movement on the floor below, the diners slowly spinning by in their lovely tables.

It absolutely freaked me out. You can take the girl out of California, but you can never take California out of the girl. I had that queasy sensation of the earth moving below my feet the entire time I was up there. I could not shake it, and I could not figure out how to fix it, couldn't talk myself out of it.

So I did the only thing I could think of. I kept my foot or leg pressed firmly against the wall, as we went from clover leaf to clover leaf, checking out the view. I probably looked pretty panicked and dumb, sliding my leg against the wall everywhere I went - but I really did not care! I had paid for that E-ticket ride and view, and I was going to slide my leg and dash to the side, whip out my trusty spy camera and shoot away to bring our LivingHistorySites.com some terrific shots from the clouds of Atlanta.

Only it was cloudy and hazy and getting dark. Details. Always details!

We did contemplate staying up there longer, and letting the entire city go dark. Those would have been fantastic shots, but I would have keeled over by then. I was ready for flat land pretty fast.

I did tough it out, and circle the entire top floor....bravely....at great peril, I felt! Really, it is harmless! We looked out each of the telescopes. We made out the CNN building and Centennial Olympic Park quite easily. Checked out the Aquarium and Georgia Dome. Thought we saw Stone Mountain in the distance. We gazed across the city and out in the distance, finding Marietta. We thought immediately of how much ground there was to cover to protect Atlanta, yet how close it was to getting to the city. 

All in all I thoroughly enjoyed my time 73 stories up in the Westin Sun Dial Restaurant! I would definitely like to go back and report on dinner. If I were ON the revolving floor, it would be so much easier to **feel** balanced!



DESCRIPTION: The Sun Dial Restaurant, Bar & View is a tri-level complex, featuring a revolving restaurant and bar plus a viewing level all located 723 feet above Atlanta atop the Westin Peachtree Plaza.

HISTORY: The Westin Peachtree Plaza, which houses The Sun Dial Restaurant, Bar & View, opened in February 1976 as the world's tallest hotel. Designed by Atlanta architect John Portman, it remains the tallest hotel in the western hemisphere. Originally owned by Portman Properties, it is now a part of the Starwood Hotels & Resort Co.

SEATING: The Sun Dial Restaurant, Bar & View can accommodate up to 700 people. The restaurant seats 300 and the bar seats 160. The view can accommodate up to 300 people standing and the bar can hold up to 250 people standing.

PRICING: View level charges: $5 for adults; $3 for children ages 6 ? 12; children younger than 6 are free. There is no charge for the scenic elevator for diners of The Sun Dial restaurant or for patrons of the bar ($8 minimum at the bar).

LOCATION: Located at 210 Peachtree Street in Downtown Atlanta, The Sun Dial Restaurant, Bar & View is in the heart of the business district. Underground Atlanta, The Peachtree Center, Centennial Olympic Park, CNN, and the Georgia World Congress Center are all located within walking distance.

HOURS: The restaurant serves lunch Monday - Saturday from 11:30 a.m. ? 2:30 p.m. and dinner Sunday ? Thursday from 6 - 10 p.m., on Friday from 6 - 11:00 p.m., and on Saturday from 5:30 ? 11:00 p.m. The bar is open Monday ? Friday from 4 p.m. until closing, on Saturday from 2 p.m. until closing, and on Sunday from 2 ? 11:30 p.m.

Live Jazz is provided by the Mose Davis Trio every Wednesday and Thursday from 7 ? 11 p.m. The viewing level is open daily from 10 a.m. until closing. For reservations call 404-589-7506 or visit www.sundialrestaurant.com. Valet parking is available. 


Connected to AmericasMart, The Westin Peachtree Plaza, is steps from Centennial Olympic Park, CNN, Georgia Aquarium, Georgia World Congress Center, the Georgia Dome.