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Gettysburg ~ The Battlefield

While traversing the battle field at Gettysburg, whether you are a Civil War reenactor, student of history, or just patriotic a American, you are left with haunting images of the brutal field. The fierce battle leaves an indelible imprint.

As Civil War reenactors, Gettysburg is THE destination, the holy grail so to speak. It explains the sultry days in July that changed the course of the war, and of American history during the Civil War.

There is so much to say, this review is almost impossible to write. How do you capture the lives, the battles, the locations spread far and wide, seeing the peach tree orchard, Little Round Top, Pickett's charge, how do you explain on a flashing screen all that you have read in page after page, book after book. These are the people we seek to portray on dusty weekends living in tents. The real people who lived, fought and died here, on these fertile American grounds. How do you capture the essence of Gettysburg?

I suppose, you just begin. 

This review will be in process for some time....so it seems...