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Wheatberry Bakery and Café ~ Amherst, MA

Wheatberry Bakery and Café

Wheatberry Bakery & CafeWhile exploring living history in picturesque Amherst, across the tree lined street from poet Emily Dickinson’s home, you will find Wheatberry Bakery and Café, on Main Street.

Pop in the door and you are greeted by a wonderful, organic bakery full of delightful items – all organic! Baskets of beautifully crafted, rustic breads including sourdough, wheat, multi grain and breads of all kinds are perched on the counter. Organic coffees, teas and other drinks, and glass bakery shelves full of fat organic cookies.

Dave had the Outlook Ham Sandwich with ham, turkey and cheese sandwich with spicy hot mustard. Each sandwich was served with a cute little ceramic bowl of crisp, mini dill pickles. Rated it very high – it was very tasty and he highly recommends it.

Lisa had The Gobbler Sandwich with turkey, goat cheese, cranberries – delicious! Absolutely marvelous and actually surprisingly filling! I loved this sandwich!

Emily also had Outlook Ham Sandwich had the same ham, turkey and cheese sandwich with spicy hot mustard her Dad had. Rated it about a 6, rated the bite of moms a 9 ½ (partly because it had the goat cheese!)

For dessert, we shared Peanut Butter Cookie – it was HUGE. We rate the cookie a 4, it could have been much more peanutty. Dave says it wasn’t as good, because it was organic (slow conversion!) and he likes the creamy, yummy peanut butter cookies made at our favorite bakery back home (Simple Simons in Riverside, CA). Nothing compares, but this was good nonetheless.

We picked up a loaf of organic whole grain bread with oatmeal on top. It turned out to be a life saver in the hotels we were staying in,which certainly did not have whole grain anything for breakfast! We enjoyed toasting it, until the spaniel got ahold of the rest of the loaf while we were out one night – bad spaniel! Alas…we should know better!

Lesson – zip the organic loaf of handcrafted bread into your suitcase or close the lid tight when traveling with dogs!

Wheatberry is a rare gem – they practice what they preach. When I used their (employee only bathroom) I was greeted with rows and rows of Seventh Generation products, organic soap, recycled paper products. Impressive –this is a room the public is not supposed to see. They also serve coffee in ceramic mugs, water in glasses, and have real plates and silverware. Nice touch – adds to the ambiance and the organic fun of this funky little restaurant in New England’s college zone!

Living History Sites highly recommends trying the Wheatberry Bakery and Cafe when you are in Amherst visiting Emily Dickinson's House. Tell them the folks at LivingHistorySites.com sent you!


The Gobbler


Wheatberry Bakery and Cafe 321 Main St. Amherst, MA 01002, 413-253-1411