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Racha Thai restaurant ~ Worcester MA

Racha Thai Restaurant ~ Worcester, MA

When the craving for Thai food crops up and you are in the middle of Massachusetts, what do you do? Look in the phone book and tack a chance - you will find a rare treat in Worcester, MA! Have we got a phenomenal restaurant for you. After recovering from a rough night of food poisoning, and working at the MassHOPE convention all day, nothing sounded good for dinner, but I had to eat. Spicy food appealed (go figure – Thai food is comfort food for us!) I was pretty scared to eat a real meal, but relaxed as soon as we winded around the odd Mapquest route to this dynamite Thai treasure hidden in an industrial area, and sat down at Racha Thai.

Dave and I both had the Red Curry with bamboo shoots, peas, carrots, peppers, string beans and basil leaves with white rice. Delicately seasoned, this was a rare treat, on a rainy, cold night - absolutely delicious. It actually soothed my upset stomach. We rated it a 10, and at only $8.95, a bargain.

Emily had Pad Thai, the famous noodle, stir fried with shrimp, chicken, egg, bean sprouts, scallions, and ground peanuts. It was okay, but the Red Curry was much better. Emily rated it a 5, but our Red Curry a 10! At $6.95, quite a deal!

We asked about dessert, and they had our favorite Thai dessert, coconut ice cream! If you have not tasted Thai Coconut Ice Cream~ you need to try it. Some of it is good, some great. Lightly coconut flavored with shavings of fresh coconut, Racha Thai delivered good ice cream. Don't miss it!

Racha Thai 545 SW Cutoff Worcester, MA 01607, 508-757-8884