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Main Street Market and Cafe ~ Concord, MA

While sharing where the first shots in the American Revolution were fired with your family, you must stop into the charming city of Concord Massachusetts. A delightful little New England town in the heart of history, Concord will take your breath away as a picturesque New England village. From the neat streets with picket fences and historical homes, beautifully manicured lawns, to the delightful downtown, you must stay for a few days!

If you are looking for a historical eatery bursting with fun, flavor and local atmosphere, try Main Street Market and Cafe in Concord, MA. From the moment you walk in, you know this place is going to be good! Locals and tourists mix, folks are super friendly and great food is the order of the day.

Owner David Anderson was quick to share the colorful history of the Main Street Market building, telling us the bricks were made in Concord and the foundation survived the British burning Concord during the Revolutionary War. It was an Underground Railroad stop afterwards, a place for slaves to hide. The First National Bank was robbed, which was the first successful bank robbery. Great Great Grandma Wheeler was one of the 13 original people to settle in Concord. It is a family market - with the same family owning it and operating it for 120 years!

Not only is there a restaurant, but you will find ice cream in the summer, and a burrito bar. There is an antique shop upstairs, or you can sit near the window and hear the brook while you eat.

On a drizzly cold April afternoon, we opted for sandwiches, soup and chili, and coffee. We were warmed up by the hot food, cheered by the buoyant New England spirit and thoroughly enchanted with Main Street Market and Cafe! It was a wonderful experience, with great food and some historical gems to follow!

Dave got the Millbrook Panini, a marinated chicken breast, roasted red peppers and melted provolone cheese! We had the Tuscan Veggie Soup, delicately seasoned, huge chunks of vegetables, each bit better than the last.

Mom Lisa's Cuban Panini sandwich was the best - pulled pork, ham and Swiss cheese, with a pickled chipotle mayonaise. This warm delicious sandwich was just an explosion of chipotle flavor in every bite - first rate!

Emily was feeling a little overwhelmed by all the incredible food we had tasted on our tour of Boston, so opted for a simple Egg Salad Sandwich on multigrain bread. It was elegantly simple, and filled a child's need for a taste from home!

Main Street Market's chili is an incredible surprise for the taste buds! Instead of beans, they amp up the wow factor with buttternut squash, with more of a sweet than hot taste, topped with cheese and sour cream. We got the chili plain and it was out of this world - amazing! I am going to try to make that butternut chili when we get home!

Dessert and coffee finished the excellent meal. Main Street delivered with a coffee counter filled with all sorts of coffee choices, all piping hot and so inviting in the cold spring rain! The house blend was excellent. The decaf was one of the best decafs I have ever had - flavor, consistency, mild yet full bodied - I could have drank 10 cups, it was THAT good!

Still wanting homelike treats after a week on the road, Emily opted for Rice Krispie Treat with sprinkles, the perennial kiddie favorite! I could not resist the deep dark chocolately Whoopie Pie. Never having had a whoopie pie, it was like a big wide, flat chocolate cupcake, with a white icing. Having no idea what a Whoopie Pie was, but having read about them as a kid, I was a little disappointed to discover at the first bite that it was white frosting, not a decadent custardy cream filling. It was good - just not what I had expected. Dave got the Main Street specialty, which is the ever popular Everything Cookie - which had nuts, white chocolate chips, oatmeal and all sorts of stuff - a bit of "everything" was thrown in and it was out of this world! It looked rather tepid, but the taste and texture were there and it was delicious - we highly recommend the Everything Cookie!

The Yummoliscious Everything Cookie!

Main Street Market and Cafe

42 Main Street, Concord Mass, 01742

(816) 413 - 3981