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The Shot Heard Round the World ~ First Battle of American Revolution ~ Concord, MA

A revolution began, a fledgling nation was born, with the shot heard round the world. This is what the patriotic militia saw, facing the British on the other side of the bridge


On the 19th of April


was made the first forcible resistance

to British aggression

On the opposite Bank

stood the American Militia

Here stood the Invading Army

and on this spot

the first of the Enemy fell

in the War of that Revolution

which gave


to these United States


In gratitude to God


in the love of Freedom

this Monument was erected

AD 1836

"The Shot Heard Round the World" happened on Concord North Bridge, after the British began marching from Boston to Concord on April 19, 1775. Paul Revere followed the redcoats, on his famous ride, alerting the countryside of Massachusetts that the British were coming. Patriots poured out of their homes and farms to answer the militia call.
Meeting first at Lexington Green, the British troops faced a group of determined, armed Militia. While the British were calling for the patriots to disarm, a shot rang out. Was it the British or the patriots? No one really knows. The Brits responded by firing at the militia, killing 8 and wounding 10. The militia retreated to avoid the British fire.
And so began the very first battle in the American Revolutionary War.

The Brits advanced on to Concord and traveling to Concord North Bridge hoping to destroy some cannons they believed were on a farm. They met up with a group of armed militia at the bridge. The Americans were determined, after watching 8 die in the battle directly before this. The British fired and the Americans fired back, in "The Shot Heard Round The World." The Americans beat the British back, and sent them packing back to Boston. Fighting ensued along the way.

For en excellent history of what happened here, we recommend this link to the Department of Military Science.

Living History Sites highly recommends visiting the Concord North Bridge when you are in the Concord/Lexington area. It is FREE, in a park like setting!

Begin at the Minute Man Visitor Center 250 North Great Road, Lincoln MA.
They will give you a great guide that will explain how the battle went forth, and the route to take to follow it. There are several stops along the way.

To get to the North Bridge from The Wayside, continue west on Lexington Road for 7/10 mile. Proceed straight through the traffic circle. When the Colonial Inn is directly in front of you, turn right onto Monument Street. The North Bridge Parking Area is 1/2 mile ahead on the right. Cross the street and walk the footpath to the Bridge (approximately 100 yards). The North Bridge Visitor Center is a 5-minute walk away. You can drive to the visitor center by continuing on Monument Street. Take your first left onto Liberty Street. The entrance to the North Bridge Visitor Center Parking Area is 1/10 mile ahead to your left.

From I-95: Take exit 30B. You will be on Route 2A west. The park is 1-mile west off ramp.

From MassPike: Take I-95 Exit (exit 14) and follow above directions.

From Route 2: Follow Route 2 to I-95 North. Proceed north one exit to 30B. Follow directions above.

North Bridge and North Bridge Visitor Center:
174 Liberty St. Concord MA.
NOTE: The Monument St. Bridge is closed for repairs. See directions below.

North Bridge:
Follow directions above. Continue on Rt 2A. for approx. 2.5 miles. Bear right onto Lexington Road. Continue for approx. 3 miles to Concord Center. Take a right onto Monument St. Parking for North Bridge is 0.5 miles on the right.

North Bridge Visitor Center:
In Concord Center, follow rotary past the Colonial Inn and take a right on Lowell Road. Cross the river and take a right on Liberty St. The North Bridge Visitor Center is at the top of the hill on your right.