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The History of Chocolate ~ Hershey PA

"The History of Chocolate" can be found in Hershey, PA on the Hershey Chocolate World Tour!

We highly recommend going on the FREE Hershey Chocolate World Tour! While exploring Gettysburg, this was just too close to miss out on, and so we ran over to thrill the kids! Part of vacationing is having fun, and the other part is trying chocolate everywhere you can possibly find it!


The FREE tour experience features animated characters, innovative special effects and a spectacular finale!

We actually explored the Hershey area when the season was changing from Spring to Summer hours, which were greatly expanded. We had missed the tour by 1/2 an hour the first day we were in the area, so be sure to check what TIMES the Hershey Tour is actually open when you are in the area!

We also highly recommend you stop by most hotels and tourist traps in the area, and get the FREE beautifully colored map of the area. This will help you navigate all of the Hershey things in the general vicinity. It is a colorful map filled with tons of additional things you can do in the Hershey area. When you actually go to find Hershey World, it can be a little tricky. You will see the gigantic Hersheypark, looping through everything with it's roller coasters and tall fences. Hershey World is on it's own, but it is tucked in between the Hershey Arena and the Hersheypark, just keep following the signs and you will eventually find the parking lot!

As you walk in, you might be a little confused. Are you are the FREE Hershey's Great American Chocolate Tour or entering the Hersheypark theme park. If you followed the signs, rest assured, you are at the Tour!

Enter through the front doors, and you will see all sorts of opportunities to spend money in all sorts of Hershey themed ways. Skip that, and walk over to the right, for the FREE tour!

The History of Chocolate tour begins with a quick trip through Mr. Milton Hershey's life. Mr. Hershey was an amazing entrepreneur, very civic minded and rather an early environmentalist in his regard to city planning and placement! He was truly and enterprising chocolate revolutionary with a heart of gold! He used his talent, skill and creativity to do a lot of great things, including funding an orphanage that is still around today.

You move on to a recreated tropical rain forest inside the building, that is full of all sorts of fun details that reminded me of a Rainforest Cafe. This is really a great way to show the kids how and where cocao beans are grown and harvested. It also takes you from harvest all over the world, to their journey into burlap bags that will travel the oceans blue enroute to America, as Hershey likes to say, to "THE SWEETEST PLACE ON EARTH —Hershey, Pennsylvania."

Then, the fun begins as you board a little pod and go on the Chocolate Tour! The website says it will "engage your senses as the cocoa beans continue through a simulated HERSHEY'S Chocolate Factory. Here you will see, feel, and hear the processes that deliciously transform the beans into milk chocolate."

This tour was utterly fascinating. Who knew how many steps there were to making Hershey chocolate? From the milk originally from local PA farms, to the silly dancing cows, it is a fun ride. That said, it was difficult to exercise self control and stay in the cart as you watched process after process of raw materials being transformed into chocolate. Like a caterpillar moving into the chrysalis, and into a butterfly, the whole journey is actually a fascinating glimpse into chocolate manufacturing.

Naturally it ends with getting a piece of Hershey chocolate, then spits you into the world's biggest Hershey store. While most of the stuff in there is your typical gift shop stuff, you will find every sort of Hershey treat available!

We HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you buy chocolate while you are at Hershey World, it is the freshest, creamiest Hershey bar you will ever eat! Consider carefully whether you can restrain yourself from the temptation when you buy it!

There is also the Hershey Trolley Works, a trolley that takes you for a zippy ride around the area. We did not opt for that tour, as we were just there for the chocolate!

We did not try eating at Hershey, but preferred to go down to The Soda Jerk in nearby Hummelstown, for a great meal! Hershey might have been good - just too many people for us!

We highly recommend the Hershey's Chocolate World FREE Tour - it is a blast! Tell them the folks at Living History Sites sent you to Hershey!

251 Park Boulevard
Hershey, PA 17033

(717) 534-4900