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One of the great things about living in the South is Fatz Cafe! We don't have Claim Jumper, like we did back home in California, but we do have Fatz! We see them wherever we go and know we can always count on a great meal, with great service at Fatz Cafe!

After our visit to the beautiful Roan Mountain to see the rhodendrons, we were starving. It was on a Sunday, so most of the mountain was closed. We knew there was a Fatz Cafe down the hill in Elizabethton and determined to just make it down the hill without getting sick, and enjoy a great dinner at Fatz!

After all, we had hiked around Roan Mountain, so that counts as exercise, right????

Why does one need exercise before going to Fatz? One lacks self control, especially the members of the Baughn family who make up LivingHistorySites.com! Fatz Cafe is utterly famous for their melt in your mouth Poppy Seed Rolls. Wow! In all my life, I never thought I would be this crazy about these round, tasty little balls of dough, fried lightly to perfection and served with a golden honey butter! Be still my heart! I love them!

If your life is like ours, and your self control wanes at Fatz, know that your server will bring baskets and baskets of these wonderful Poppy Seed Rolls to your table. They are delicious - but very filling and lets face it, horrible for you! But so good! The Poppy Seed Rolls truly live up to the restaurant's name!

As usual when we walk into a Fatz, we were dying of thirst and our waiter kept the iced tea coming. We appreciate this so much. In some restaurants, you have to beg to get a refill, but Fatz is very conscientious about bringing them! Naturally, being a Southern restaurant, they have all the sweet tea you can drink if that is your cup of tea!

We had to try the Fried Green Tomato appetizer! If you have seen the movie, and you aren't from the South, you always wonder what the deal is with fried green tomatoes. So we ordered it to find out. Fatz Cafe serves their Fried Green Tomatoes, which are hand breaded and...fried...tomatoes on top of their amazing stone-ground cheese grits. We loved that part of it. It came with the Fatz remoulade sauce, which we did not care for. In the future, we ordered it without the sauce and enjoyed it more!

Beyond those Poppy Seed Rolls, we started with salads and soup. I am absolutely crazy about Fatz Adobe Chicken soup, a slightly spicy, yummy chicken soup with corn, cumin and spice. Highly recommended! Crispy iceberg and romaine, with tomotoes, croutons, cukes and dressing. Fatz actually makes 3 different salads, a House, Veggie or Caeser. Dave got the Caeser and enjoyed it thoroughly!

For entrees, I chose the 12 oz Top Sirloin steak, which came delicious and juicy, very tender, along with a signature Fatz dish as the side, the amazing Stone-ground Cheese Grits! Be still my heart! They are delicious, slightly cheesy, buttery warm and wonderful grits.

Dave got the World Famous Calabash Chicken, another Fatz signature dish! Fatz has perfected the Calabash, with over a half pound of plump, marinated chicken tenders. They bread them and then fry them to chicken perfection. They come with a honey mustard dip, and they are just yummy!

We often have one of us order the steak, the other the Calabash Chicken, and split them. We like a bit of both!

Emily got the Fatz Onyum Burger and had a great time chowing that half pound Angus burger down! It is enormous - huge - with Fatz signature Onyums (onion rings) lettuce and tomatoes. Emily loves Fatz French fries, so she had the fries.(talk about a fried meal - don't think too much about it or the health food monster will roar her head and I will run out of Fatz!)

We finished our dinner with a Carolina Peach Cobbler. A huge piece of Southern style peach cobbler (we were in Georgia peach country!) smothered with peaches, rich buttery, cinnamony deliciousness! Served a la mode, with a scoop of vanilla ice cream we scarfed this wonderful treat down!

Update: We have eaten at this Fatz location several times now. On my birthday, Emily wanted to take me to Fatz. While she chowed down on an order of Calabash Chicken (Free to birthday party if you purchase an entree)

I got adventursome and tried a salad, ordering the spectacular Seabreeze Spinach Salad! Woo hoo! What a perfect birthday meal, light and delicious and totally on my Anti-Inflammatory Diet! The Seabreeze has grilled sliced chicken breast and our waitress suggested we go with the fire grilled chipotle chicken and that was a flavorfull switch! The salad was made of baby spinach, mushrooms, chopped egg, red onion slivers, yummy applewood-smoked bacon crumbles, tangy dried cranberries, and candied pecans. The whole thing was topped with tomatoes and Monterey jack and cheddar cheese. Not sure about the dressing, I asked for the hot bacon vinaigrette dressing on the side and loved every bite! A great salad. Too bad those peskyily delicious poppy seed rolls are still NOT on the Anti-Inflammatory Diet! A great birthday meal!

We have always had great service at Fatz in Elizabethton and find ourselves driving out to Elizabethton! They want you to feel right at home, from the moment you walk in.

LivingHistorySites.com highly recommends trying Fatz Cafe, located all over the South!

Fatz Cafe Elizabethton

980 Volunteer Parkway

Elizabethton, TN


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