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Trader Joes ~ Nashville TN

Trader Joes ~ Nashville TNWhen you leave a perfectly wonderful lifestyle in California, to be closer to history on the East Coast, you give things up. Trader Joe's, Chipotle and Costco are all things that used to be 15 minutes away and are now anywhere from 3 to 5 hours away. Sigh!

Is our passion for history really worth giving these things up? We are totally blessed in our life here in TN, so it is okay!

That said, I still have cravings for my favorite things from CA. I find myself scouring the Trader Joe's site, plotting which of our LivingHistorySites.com trips will take us near enough one to stop by! Then I have to figure if I will have room to BUY anything! We always pick up great snacks, meals and yummy treats for the road, at super prices!

Trader Joes ~ Nashville TNTrader Joe's are quirky, fun neighborhood grocery stores bursting with some of the coolest natural and organic stuff out there. TJs combs the world, contracting with the best suppliers everywhere for interesting products. Often they put the Trader Joe's label on them, selling them at cut rate prices.

Example, my favorite room spray is an Orange Essence. I love it, reminds me of the orange groves across the street from our beautiful California home. It smells just like the orange groves in bloom....well, sort of! At TJs it is $3.99. At my favorite health food store in town, same bottle is $8.99. Trader Joe's will not carry it if they cannot offer you the very best deal on it.

So after a 5 hour drive from home, we bounced into the new Trader Joe's in Nashville, ready to grab some of our old favorites! We had to skip most of their delectable fresh veggies and fruits, but headed over to the fresh sandwiches, salads and sushi. We each picked up dinner for the road. I hate to admit it, but I was a little disappointed in my Cobb Salad, it was rather bland and the lettuce tasted old. Dave loved his sushi sampler. Emily got the Ceaser Salad and happily chowed that down. Speeding through Nashville on a rainy night, we were just happy for the yummy treats we were able to buy!

Trader Joes We did get rich chocolate truffles ($2.99!), tons of hair products, vitamins, cleaning products for dirt cheap! I grabbed Boysenberry Jam (my grandparents were friends of the Knotts in Anaheim back home ~ boysenberries were part of our lives!) and salsa, and 20 cans of green roasted chiles. It is odd what you feel like you can't live without, when you only get to go to TJs once or twice a year! Dave got a case of Myntz

A few days before Thanksgiving, the place was loaded with special holiday treats. We mainly skipped them, as the ones they had left by the time we got there were not that exciting!

All in all, Trader Joe's is still an excellent place to stop for cheap meals and snacks when you are on the road, so LivingHistorySites.com highly recommends them as you travel!

Trader Joe's Nashville
3909 Hillsboro Pike
Nashville, TN 37215
Trading Hours: 9 am – 9 pm
Phone: 615-297-6560