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KT’s Southern Cooking

Last week, we pulled into Sycamore Shoals and were immediately assaulted by the unmistakable smell of slow cooked barbeque. There is nothing we love more than excellent Southern BBQ! Having just eaten, we stared as we longingly passed by KT’s Southern Cooking. Next time, we thought, definitely next time.

Imagine our delight to see the unmistakable red trailer and big black smoker of KT’s Southern Cooking when we walked into Blountville’s Old West Days. Wow! We were hungry and ready for some cue!

We chatted with Kevin, the owner about his traveling BBQ. KT’s Barbecue can be found at events all over the South, from Harley events to historical venues, he is serving excellent cue all over! He caters all over, doing events, churches, homecoming events and more.

An ax stood out of round barrel filled with real hickory logs, split in pieces. KT’s Southern Cooking smokes all of their meat with real hickory smoke, to give it that hickory smoked BBQ flavor we love.

Kevin starts all of his meat off with a perfectly spiced rub. Then he slow cooks them on that outdoor grill. Beef cooks for 8 to 10 hours, ribs for 4 hours, and pork for most of the day. Slow cooking at a low heat is what gives them their signature smoky hickory taste and that unmistakable barbecue smell!

Dave ordered the rib plate, with beans and coleslaw. His ribs were falling off the bone, tender and succulent. EXCELLENT without a drop of barbecue sauce, which is how you want them, the flavor coming from the rub and hickory smoke. Slightly messy for an outside event, with no real bathrooms to wash up in afterwards, but he enjoyed every bite.

KT’s had two sauces the weekend we tried it. A sweet barbecue sauce that was simple, but good. They also had a vinegar sauce that goes more along the lines of Caroline BBQ, that saucy vinegary combo that still puzzles us a bit. Both are homemade barbecue sauces, with no chemicals (always trying to ferret out the nasty MSG and chemicals – yuck! Good food does not need chemicals)

Being a good Southerner, I tried the Barbecue Pork Sandwich Plate. A large bun filled with shredded pork cue, no sauce, along with coleslaw and beans. Emily ordered the Beef Brisket Sandwich, and we split our sides. There was plenty of food for both of us.

The Brisket was excellent, tender and very tasty. No sauce needed, although we tried them! The Pork was superb, again, tender and delicious, melting in your mouth with that smoky hickory taste. The beans were good, not at all mushy, but just regular BBQ beans.

KT’s Coleslaw was fantastic. What a shock. The hardest thing about moving to the South has been the limp, sickeningly sweet coleslaw that is everywhere. I love Thai slaw and spicy slaw. I want a vegetable, not desert. KT’s had a delicious, tangy, crispy slaw that was perfect in texture in taste and only slightly sweet. It was great!

It is always a treat when the barbecue TASTES as good as it SMELLS, and KT’s Southern Cooking delivers to your taste buds and olfactory senses.

So, when you are out at Sycamore Shoals, Blountville Old West Days, or wherever else KT’s Southern Cooking has got that grill fired up, be sure and stop by and try some of their fantastic barbeque, and tell them the folks at LivingHistorySites.com sent you!

You can call KT's Hickory Smoked Southern Cooked BBQ at (423) 895-0073