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*CLOSED* Gluten Free Goodies Bakery ~ Knoxville, TN

Unfortunately, Gluten Free Goodies has closed down and will no longer be able to serve you.

On a trip down to Chattanooga for the Precept Women's Retreat, we were finally driving through Knoxville and could stop at the new gluten free bakery that just opened last month! Woo hoo! Finally, a chance to review a GF bakery! If you are sensitive to gluten, you know how difficult it is to find delicious gluten free goodies from a fresh bakery - so far it is impossible in the South!

Gluten Free Goodies is changing that! Goal, to create a completely gluten free oasis, where absolutely NO gluten products are served or even allowed in the store. Totally safe for all people with celiac disease and those with gluten intolerance. If you suffer from any sort of gluten challenge, you already know how difficult it is to find safe places, GF places to eat out.

Gluten is the protein found in wheat, barley, rye and often found in oats processed on the same machinery wheat/barley/rye are processed on. Celiac disease is an inablity to handle gluten of ANY kind. Gluten intolerance and gluten sensitivity are coming to the forefront, as more and more people realize that gluten is something that just "makes them feel bad." Avoiding it seems simple, until you embark on a truly GF lifestyle and realize it is in everything!

To answer the need for a GF bakery in the Southeast, Rachel Bibey created Gluten Free Goodies to address those who still want some of their old favorites like cupcakes, wedding cakes, biscuits and muffins, baked with safer GF flours.

The day we visited, our time was cut short. Our Garmin had flipped out at the newly complete road construction in downtown Knoxville and sent us on several goose chases. We finally found a AAA office, popped in with our AAA card and had them run us a quick map! We ended up driving through nearby University of Tennessee to get there, so know it is near the UT campus in Knoxville. Even though time was running out, we were determined to review Gluten Free Goodies and bring you the GF scoop on....what do we famously review: the GF cupcakes, cakes and delicacies there!

Not only was TIME an issue, but the fact that our Dr. had just put Emily and I both on a sugar free diet (grrrr, great time to review a bakery!) along with being mainly gluten free.  So, knowing we would have to write down each treat, we went WAY conservative!

We tried the Gluten Free Brownie, which was chocolatey and quite good. Different from a regular brownie, but that is what you need to realize when you try Gluten Free Goodies. If you have never tried GF baked goods, and are not restricted with gluten, realize they don't have quite the same texture that regular baked goods have. It takes a creative hand to mix the various GF flours and products to get a decent texture. We also tried the chocolate chip cookies - which were almost identical to a delicious regular chocolate chip cookie!

We split a piece of the GF bread of the day, which was quite good, but much smaller than a "normal" loaf of bread. Again, the gluten free world is different than the sizes, tastes and textures we normally gorge ourselves on - and I am just trying to prepare our readers. Folks with celiac and gluten intolerance realize this, but others may not!

GF red velvet cupcakes were also available. Oh, they looked good, but we were counting every BITE of sugar. Sigh. And banana bread completed the offerings that day.

A cafe is set up, with lunches being served on gluten free bread, with GF ingredients all the way. EVERY SINGLE BITE IS GLUTEN FREE at Gluten Free Goodies in Knoxville, so you can feel safe and secure eating there. They serve several salads, with soups on the menu as well.

LivingHistorySites.com definitely enjoyed visiting this hot new GF bakery now open in Knoxville! This will prove to be a treat to anyone with celiac, gluten intolerance and those who are giving up gluten!

Unfortunately, Gluten Free Goodies has closed down and will no longer be able to serve you.