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The Crazy Cupcake ~ Jonesborough, TN

When you live in the oldest town in Tennessee, it is just a bit too easy to fly across the rolling green hills, and sneak off to The Crazy Cupcake to quench a craving. Driving into our historic, quaint little town, with American flags fluttering gently in the breeze, antique brick buildings, and a stately Southern courthouse always makes me feel sheer happiness! Jonesborough, TN is one of the prettiest small towns in America, and we live here!

And they had to go stick a cupcake place in the middle of town....which calls our name....over and over....we just won't tell you how often!

Nestled in an ancient brick storefront, this historic cupcake shop brings you a blend of the old and new. Take a step down from colorful Main Street, into the lovely shop and immediately into the presence of cupcakes galore! A sign above the fireplace greets you with "Enter as strangers, leave as friends" and this is exactly how this friendly cupcakery lives out their daily business!

The Crazy Cupcake is passionate about baking from scratch daily, making every single item by hand, with a hand mixer. Baking in small batches keeps the flavors clean and true. They have also nailed the technique of baking with less sugar, and using less sugar in the frosting, making all of their cupcakes have a superb, not-overly-sugared flavor that is refreshing. In the South, it is easy to get over-sugared.

Raspberry & Cream

Any time vanilla flecks are observed in a cupcake, it is necessary to get one. Period. Do not pass go, do not collect $200, just buy the vanilla flecked cupcake and no one will get hurt! Raspberry and Cream screams this, mesmerizing, inviting you to just try it. Not being a huge raspberry fan, this cupcake is a total shock to the system - it is good! Same golden yellow cake as the strawberry, with a river of raspberries baked inside, topped with a creamy dollop of vanilla flecked frosting. What is so good about it? Not intensely sweet, the raspberries temper down the sugar shock taste and what you really savor is the flavor of FRESH raspberries! Delish!

Strawberry White Chip

Creamy white swirl of frosting on top, with a strawberry sliver on top of a golden yellow cake flecked with pieces of real vanilla bean. White chocolate frosting tastes creamily delicious, not really sugary, delicately like white chocolate, with no greasy taste. Bite into the white cake and enjoy the crunch of the white chocolate chunks throughout and a smattering of real strawberries. Now get a bite of everything blended, not too sweet, rather subtle and all together yummy. The Crazy Cupcake has rendered an unusually grown up, yet kid pleasing strawberry cupcake without any of the nasty fake strawberry color/smell/goo of other places! Yum!

Sweet and Salty

We first tasted Sweet and Salty at the Jonesborough Yarn Exchange's wonderful performance of "We are Home" all about the history of our antique town. The performance was wonderful, a true taste of our lovely little town and then they said it was intermission and we saw DJ set up at a table with boxes. Oh happy day! That night, we bit into the most wonderful chocolate & peanut butter cake, with this yummy white chocolate chip melty interior, with salty, crunchy pretzel pieces on top. I forgot that I was freezing and fell in love. Topped with a frosting that I later read is "both white chocolate and peanut butter frosting and more pretzel pieces" what more could you want?

Truly, if we admitted to every luscious flavor we have tasted...this article would go on for pages and pages!

Every day they have a great selection of cupcakes, from fruit flavors, a simple vanilla, gazillions of chocolate & caramel varieties, happy salted cupcakes, seasonal flavors holiday cupcakes and fun flavors! We stopped in on my birthday this year, and they had made Girl Scout cookie cupcakes in a variety of fun flavors to help out a local troop! Always fresh, fun and yummy, enjoy them in their exquisite building from the 1700's, with a Blue Mountain Jamaican coffee!

One of the things we love the very most about DJ and Allison, the owners of The Crazy Cupcake, is that they are fervent supporters of our little town. If something is going on, they are there, from our locally grown farmers market every Saturday morning from May to November, to performances, events and everything in-between! They are cupcake toting, welcoming committee!

So, the next time you head out to Jonesborough for the myriad of activities going on in this small town, take time for The Crazy Cupcake!

The Crazy Cupcake, 135 E. Main Street, Jonesborough, TN 37659. Phone 423.753.7335

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