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Time Line


November 6 Abraham Lincoln elected president

December 20 South Carolina secedes from the Union


January 9-26 Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, and Louisiana secede from the the Union

February 1 Texas convention votes for secession from the Union

February 18 Jefferson Davis inaugurated as provisional president of the Confederacy

March 4 Abrahan Lincoln inaugurated as president of the United States

April 12 Confederates open fire on Fort Sumter in Charleston Harbor, South Carlina

April 17 Virginia convention votes for secession from the Union

May 6 Arkansas secedes from the Union

May 6 Tennessee legislature passes secession ordinances

May 20 North Carlina secedes from the Union.

May 20 Kentucky proclaims neutrality

June 8 Tennessee voters approve secession from the Union

July 21 First Battle of Manassas, Virgina (Confederate victory)

November 6 Jefferson Davis elected to six-year term as the First President of the Confederacy


February 16 Union capture of Fort Donelson, Tennessee

March 9 Battle of the USS Monitor and the CSS Virginia at Hampton Roads, Virginia (no clear victory)

March 17 McClellan begins Peninsular Campaign

April 6-7 Battle of Shiloh, Tennessee (Union victory)

April 25 Union Capture of New Orleans, Louisiana

May-June Stonewall Jackson's Shenandoah Campaign (Confederate victory)

June 25 Seven Days Battles Begin. They Conclude on July 1 ending the Peninsular Campaign

August 29-30 Second Battle of Manassas, Virginia (Confederate victory)

September 17 Battle of Antietam, Maryland (Union victory)

September 22 Lincoln announcers Emancipation Proclamation

December 13 Battle of Fredrricksburg, Virginia (Confederate victory)


January 1 Lincoln signs Emancipation Proclamation

April 16 Union launches campaign to capture Vicksburg, Mississippi

May 1-4 Battle of Chancellorsvill, Virginia ( Confederate victory)

July 1-3 Battle of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania (Union victory)

July 4 Vicksburg Mississippi, surrenders to the Union

July 13-16 New York City draft riots

September 9 Union troops occupy Chattanooga, Tennessee

September 19-20 Battle of Chickamauga, Georgia (Confederate victory)

September 22 The Battle of Blountville Sullivan county, Tennessee

September 23 Confederate troops begin siege on Chattanooga, Tennessee

November 19 Lincoln's Gettysburg Address

November 23-25 Battle of Chattanooga,Tennessee (Union victory)

December 10 Battle of the Burg, Gatlinburg Tennessee (Union victory)


May 5-6 Battle of the Wilderness, Virginia (no clear victory)

May 7 Sherman begins Atlanta Campaign

May 8-19 Battle of Spotsylvania (Union victory)

June 1-3 Battle of Cold Harbor, Virginia (Confederate victory)

June 15 Union begins siege of Petersburg, Virginia (Union victory)

June 19-July 2 Battle of the Kennesaw Mountain, Georgia (Union victory)

July 22 Battle of Atlanta, Georgia (Union victory)

July 30 Battle of the Cater, Virginia (Confederate victory)

August 5 Battle of Mobile Bay, Alabama (Union victory)

September 2 Union occupies Atlanta, Georgia

November 8 Lincoln reelected president

November 15 Sherman begins March to the Sea after burning Atlanta

December 21 Union troops occupy Savannah, Georgia


March 4 Lincoln inaugurated for second term

March 13 Confederate Congress authorizes the use of slaves as militia

April 2 Petersburg, Virginia, falls into Union hands

April 3 Union occupies Richmond and Petersburg, Virginia

April 9 Lee surrenders the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia at Appomattox Court House, Virginia

April 14 Lincoln shot by John Wilkes Booth

April 15 Lincoln Died and is succeeded by Andrew Johnson

April 26 John Wilkes Booth killed by federal troops

May 10 Jefferson Davis Captured be federal troops at Irwinville, Georgia

May 10 President Johnson declares rebellion at an end


Here is a great Civil War Timeline, courtesy of the folks at the Civil War Gazette!

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