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Comfort Inn Conference Center Midtown Richmond VA

Comfort Inn ~ 3200 W. Broad Street Richmond, VA 23230

At Living History Sites, our goal is to help you plan a memorable family friendly vacation. We seek to bring you the truth about locations all over America. In a country where folks don’t give compliments often enough, and rarely make a point to point out great service, we offer criticism carefully. Multiple things have to go wrong, that COULD be easily fixed, multiple chances given to fix the issue, before we will slam anyone. We all deserve the benefit of the doubt, but the situation at this particular location was beyond the pale and we would appreciate knowing, so we will tell you! We highly recommend you skip the Comfort Inn 3200 W. Broad Street, Richmond, VA. It did not live up to it's name and was decidedly lacking in "comfort."

While we have had great luck, for the most part staying in Choice Hotels, we have found a few horrible ones. The HEAV Convention in Richmond recommended this particular Comfort Inn as one of the hotels with great rates for the convention. With two families staying for HEAV, we needed great rates with breakfast included, so this seemed the ideal choice. We stayed for four nights, and each got progressively worse. We happened to be there in the middle of graduation at VCU, the HEAV homeschool convention and more, so hotel rooms were scarce in the area. Since we were running non stop during the day, we didn’t really have time to go get a hotel for both families. So we made due.

What went right:

  • There was the sweetest woman in the breakfast room that had a cheery smile and worked hard to keep the hundreds of guests fed each morning! She was a keeper and happily brought me peanut butter each day for my waffles.

What went wrong in our room, mainly the bathroom:

  • First time in the shower, there was hair in it. Naturally, you don’t realize this until you are IN the shower. Rather than freak out, I thought perhaps one of the three in our room had already taken a shower, it turns out it did not belong to any of us. Was it really clean?
  • The fan did not work in the bathroom. When I called the front desk to let them know, they informed me that the rooms did NOT have fans and that I was the first person to complain. Enduring a heat wave in humid, sauna-like Richmond for a week of 100+ temps with no bathroom fan was horrible!
  • The bathroom was so small, you could barely shut the door and get inside. When the bathroom rug was on the floor, you could not open or shut the door, it would get stuck. So you would have to mop up the bathroom after each shower (no fan!)
  • Mold was growing on the edge of the bathtub, and on the sides.
  • There appeared to be a blood stain on the shower curtain. Eww. Eww. Eww.
  • The floor was filthy in the corners of the bathroom, and had not been cleaned properly.
  • Two small elevators served 180 rooms, and one was broken most of the time we were there.
  • You could hear everything happening on the floor above you, every shower, toilet flush, TV, everything. Absolutely no privacy.
  • Saturday morning before breakfast, we heard someone kicking at a door. We opened it to find an employee kicking the door and screaming expletives, the housekeeping supplies were next to our room and it was apparently not open. Instead of simply unlocking the door, the employee was having a temper tantrum. Not wholesome at all.
  • Saturday night, the place went wild; people were all over the hallways, running up and down, slamming doors for HOURS, laughing and partying. They were out on the parking deck, where the pool is, whooping and hollering after midnight. A call to security after midnight got things calmed down a little bit, but it was not until well after 1am that the stomping, slamming and running stopped. I could not help but wonder if it was a basketball court or a hotel.
  • After the first night there, the air conditioning ceased to work properly. This was going on in rooms all over the hotel and was the talk of each breakfast, and of all staying there. We would switch off on air working in our rooms. Granted, Richmond was under a massive heat wave, but they need to upgrade their A/C to accommodate their 180+ rooms.
  • The staff was observed on multiple occasions being irritated to have to provide service to hotel guests, complaining about guests.

All in all, it was a horrendous experience that lacked the professionalism we have normally found with the Choice Hotels chain. Had we not been slammed the entire time we were there, and been surrounded by graduations and conventions, I would have found another hotel.

Avoid this place. Stay anywhere but the Comfort Inn on Broad Street in Richmond. Families attending the HEAV convention next year – please find another hotel!

Rating - ZERO, yes 0

Avoid like the plague!

3200 W. Broad St. , Richmond, VA, US, 23230 | Phone: (804) 359-4061 Fax: (804) 359-3189