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Famous Daves Legendary Pit Barbeque ~ Richmond, VA

After a long day of perusing the museums and historical sites in Richmond, wind your way downtown and out W. Broad street to a phenomenal family restaurant, Famous Dave's Legendary Pit Barbeque! You will not be disappointed! We had originally heard about Famous Dave's from our friends who are missionaries in Mexico, and they raved about it when we first moved to the South, but had not seen one for several years. When we spotted this one, with a Dave in the car, how can you do anything less than try it! It was everything they said and more!

The atmosphere was quintessential BBQ, quirky fun! Reminded me of an old Bobby McGee's restaurant when you sat down, with pictures all over the walls and advertisements from the 20's and 30's - fun stuff, Americana. Glance over at the roll of paper towels at the table flanked by 5 kinds of BBQ sauce and you know it is going to be good!

We busted through the doors starving, with two families and Jane Bullivant, a friend from England who just happens to be an international author and speaker (we highly recommend Jane's books!). (We had just finished the HEAV Homeschool Convention) Paul and Gena Suarez, publishers of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine and their crew of 5 kids! All in all, we had 11 tasters that left pretty happy!

Jane had never tasted BBQ, cornbread, grits, or half the stuff on the menu! She tasted "cold tea" for the first time on this trip, although skipped the sweet tea so famous in these parts! We were hoping to send her back to England having shared the South's love of truly delicious BBQ with her and Famous Dave's did not disappoint!

From the moment we sat down, Erica, our waitress was lively and joined into the merriment at our table. Not only had she actually tried EVERYTHING on the menu (that is so rare these days) proclaiming it was ALL good, but she was quick to recommend and describe what we asked about, giving us pretty accurate descriptions, including the 8 hour smoke times on the meats! She would laughingly get Jane to talk, that accent can be mesmerizing, and it was a fun clash of England meets the South for dinner!

Jane and I settled on Georgia Chopped Pork, which we got "naked" so we could drench in the 5 sauces at the table. Our huge round plates quickly arrived, filled with BBQ, a huge corn muffin, and sides! The Georgia Chopped Pork was tender, succulent, delicious and even better with the 5 sauces. Jane and I experimented with Rich & Sassy, Georgia Mustard, Texas Pit, spicy Devil's Spit and Texas Pit. I favored Rich & Sassy and could not get enough - delicious, tangy, slightly sweet, full flavored, yum! The sides were great, Firecracker Green Beans were delicious with bacon, garlic and red onion flakes (ohhh yeah!), the Wilbur Beans were tangy and first rate, Creamy Coleslaw with pineapple was good, and the New Cheesy Corn Casserole was actually grits smothered in cheddar - which was good, but I would go with the green beans and Wilbur Beans next time as they had the most flavor. The corn bread muffin and corn-on-the-cob rounded out the gigantic platter.

It looks small in the picture - but it was huge and filling!

Paul got Chicken and Ribs, and it was the most succulent, delicious chicken - oh it was fabulous! (Paul Suarez is a real trooper always letting me try something off his plate - that is a true friend and really helps you sample more for these restaurant reviews!!) Gena got the Rib Tips and was a little disappointed, they were kind of fatty and had more bone than she thought they would have.

Our (not so) famous Dave got the Two-Meat BBQ Combo, choosing the brisket and spareribs for his meats, his gigantic platter overflowing with BBQ. He ordered without sauce and tried all the sauces, favoring the Devil's Spit, because he likes it hot! He says it was tasty and filling and left NO ROOM for dessert, unless you want to be a pig! But aren't BBQs for pigging out?

Emily got the Devil's Spit Burger (can you tell our family favors the hot and spicy??) which was a huge 1/2 pound burger slathered with Devil's Spit BBQ sauce, topped with melted pepper Jack cheese, jalapeno bacon and pickles, along with a platter full of delicious fat, fries! She ordered extra jalapenos and scarfed this feast down!

Lil Wilbur Meals offer plenty of choices for the kids to sample - with the old standby of chicken fingers and lots of BBQ choices!

When we told the manager we were with Living History Sites and we had just reviewed her restaurant and we LOVED Famous Dave's in Richmond, she insisted that we try all of the desserts (after all that BBQ??) so save room! She told us all about Famous Dave, how he had turned a troubled past around, searched for the perfect BBQ, created his first restaurant, and then went on to do great things for people! Famous Dave's not only makes everything fresh, from their own recipes (not just rolling cans off a Sysco truck like everyone else does these days) but they create their own food daily from fresh ingredients. There is nothing better than a restaurant that actually COOKS, they are a rarity in the land of chains especially. She delighted in sharing Famous Dave's story, and told us how each restaurant strives to do great things in supporting their community and reaching out. Dave is a Christian who is living out his faith everyday in all of his restaurants, extending to the community! It was an inspiring story and made us want to get HIS book!

Dessert rolled out (it took two people to serve it!) and suddenly our table was awash in sweet goodness - oh my - it was heaven! My favorite dessert was the Cool and Tangy Key Lime Pie - to die for! I had never had Key Lime Pie and it was utter homemade deliciousness, tart yet sweet - Dave favored it too! Gena liked Dave's Famous Bread Pudding, smothered with pecan praline sauce and vanilla ice cream. Better Than Mom's Pecan Pie, a sticky, rich, Georgia favorite was delicious and the Hot Fudge Kahlua Brownie was tasty, although I barely sampled it. We had strawberry cheesecake....and wow! We were just hitting our stride. Three teenage boys, and two girls sat behind us waiting to scarf down after we got our sample so it went fast!

All in all Famous Dave's in Richmond was delicious, fun, and a great value for the amount of food, fun atmosphere - it is a TEN and we HIGHLY recommend it at Living History Sites!


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