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Blue Talon Bistro ~ Williamsburg, VA

When you happen upon a little French bistro, snugged into a beautiful old building in historic Colonial Williamsburg, with charming tables out front, you have to stop for what promises to be a fabulous lunch! We were headed back to the convention and we had run completely out of time, but had to grab a bite before going back. The frozen custard sign at Retro’s across the street had made us stop and we were delighted to find the Blue Talon Bistro beckoning us for lunch. Who can resist a French bistro across from frozen custard….not us!

We walked into the Blue Talon in Williamsburg a frazzled, crumpled mess (exploring Jamestown in the middle of a sweltering heat wave will frazzle anyone!) Poor Jane, our friend from England, was dying with her first taste of the muggy southern coastal afternoon, we were all begging for a respite.

Blue Talon got us right in and seated us with menus. Our server was there in an instant. He recommended several delicious French items on the menu, including the Tuna Salad Tartine, Roasted Chicken (roasted on premises) or Sauteed Calves Liver with shitake mushrooms and marsala wine, or the Escargots Bourguinon (snails!). Pressed for time, we explained our need to be back to Richmond to the convention and he said he would hurry it up and get us out in half an hour. Wow! He poured us glass of their nearly famous “Historic Tap Water,” out of a beautiful glass bottle edged with blue. The girls enjoyed the historic hinged top.

The girls both ordered Mac & Cheese, a classic cheese gratin made with penne pasta with a side of diced Virginia ham. Jane ordered a Grilled Chicken Club sandwich with Blue Talon Cole Slaw. Undecided between the roast chicken, the grilled veggie sandwich – I hurriedly ordered the same as Jane. The ladies and the girls didn’t get too creative, we were hot, starved and in a hurry!

Our waiter dashed off to place our order. I got up to run to the restroom and came back. A cook had just served two absolutely gorgeous plates of food to two ladies behind us, both of which our server had recommended to us. The half roasted chicken looked astonishingly good, and every bit what the waiter said it was! The Grilled Veggie Sandwich was to die for. Slivers of gorgeous veggies, topped with goat cheese, I swooned just looking at it! Goat cheese fanatic that I am, I ran up to the front to try to change my order to the Veggie Sandwich, but they had already brought out our Grilled Chicken Clubs. They were more than happy to change it for us, but the ticking clock set me down (and the desire to not make them waste food). We will be returning to Williamsburg, and that will have to wait.

We dug in to our sandwiches, tossing the buns to the girls. We were left with gigantic chicken breasts, bacon, lettuce, tomatoes and the coleslaw. It was the perfect lunch for our bedraggled, over heated crew, light enough for the heat, yet plenty of meat to sustain us through the first night of the convention.

Emily and her friend Julia enjoyed the upscale Mac & Cheese, but did not seem to want to sprinkle the side of ham (which we all thought was very tasty bacon in our rush!).

We were out of there in less than 30 minutes, from start to finish, a totally impressive finish that helped us make it to the convention almost on time (after a quick trip to our hotel to shower and get ready!)

Special thanks Adam Steely, the owner of the Blue Talon Bistro for a lovely meal!

Blue Talon Bistro

420 Prince George Street

Williamsburg, VA 23185



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